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S-DNA… perhaps it’s time to just lump it all together?

Now that Ludia has (rightfully) allowed us to designate what type of S-DNA we want to earn for the different S-DNA earning opportunities in the game, perhaps it’s time to just let us earn it without specific creature buckets? Just throw it into one big lumped category just like how we earn regular DNA. Seems unnecessarily complicated at this point. Granted, S-DNA has evolved since it was introduced, but at this point I am missing why we can’t just collect it and buy whatever S-DNA creatures we want as we want with it.

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The thing is it makes you think more than if they’re separate. For example, I could be in a dilemma like ugh should I buy a tape or buy a mono or save for indo?


It would actually make us think less

We would always have to decide how much of each shybrid we will need, if it was a single resource, then we can just earn it and buy whichever hybrid as and when needed.
When it’s separate we need more long term planning, do I keep raptor sdna in rotation? Will kapro or dime sdna be more useful until I get indo? etc etc.