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S-DNA Rework?

I’d like to make a suggestion that I think everyone can agree with here on the forums, I truly believe that rebalancing or reworking how players obtain S-DNA could totally improve the game.
I say this because I have been playing this game for over three years and I have earned enough Raptor S-DNA to make a level 40 indoraptor and a level 20. The problem with this is I 1. Have not yet obtained a level 40 indominus Rex. And 2. According to the forum a level 10 indoraptor alone can screw up the opponents you go up against.
I believe players should have a choice for what creatures they get to collect S-DNA for, this would help f2p players like myself get powerful creatures that would greatly help their lineup.
I think an effective way to add a feature such as this would be to divide the game into semester or seasons, if you will. After each season the player gets to pick two types of S-DNA that they will be collecting for completing the battle missions until next season.
I think this would be beneficial for all players and I also think if a feature like this does not get added then something needs to be added to counter the indoraptor.
Have a great day all!

It’s rare that Ludia does things that benefits players, but doesn’t benefit them so much (and requires a lot of coding and testing and would be WAY more prone to bugs). I certainly would love to see the non-Indo s-DNA types available more too, but I think it’d be more likely to just rotate them more often around so different ones are available. Like the Code 19s… can’t remember the last time those changed it’s been so long. And maybe have something OTHER than Velociraptor on the Daily Missions so we could sometimes get TWO other types. Why always always Velociraptor?


Have you thought about creating a level 40 indominus and then fusing the indoraptor and then selling the indoraptor?

This could be a second pool of DNA creation for you, if you get all of the materials ready you would only have a couple of days where you might get some screwed up battles but you could also speed up through the fuseing if you already had all of the base creatures to create everything to get to the indoraptor. Then once you create the indoraptor it will be unlocked in your market at which point you could hatch out additional ones but instead of placing it in your park just sell them off if you do not plan on creating them in the future.

I had the same experience, accumulated a lot of SDNA for the Velociraptor but could not use it. Eventually I got a level 40 Indo and now I have 12 Velociraptor at level 7 not to trash my stats. Great raptors to win all battles. They have 1100 in attack towards amphibians.

On the other side, I have accumulated a lot of SDNA for the amphibian. One at level 40, two at level 30, one at level 20 and on at level 10. I would love to expand my other Dino’s as well. So Ludia, if you want that change so we can evolve other creatures as well I would appreciate it.

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I kinda like the logic of Ludia now that they force us to look after a balanced ferocity lineup of our 15, better more, strongest creatures.
But their method has two major flaws.

  1. Those of us who would love to have lvl 40 versions of all creatures will never do this. By doing this they will ruin their lineup for years or decades to come. I wish Ludia that the game exists that long but who knows if I do.
  2. I’m sure that many players have found out that they can accomplish nearly everything in the game if they keep their creatures at a certain level for all time. I think a fine lineup of lvl 20 VIPs is more than enough to win all events and even finish in dominator tournaments.
    Those players will never feel the need to have an Indoraptor, Monostegotops or any of the other very strong creatures.

In the end this is disappointing for both kind of players…I belong to those I mentioned first.


I am determined to get to level 40 of creatures it is just going to take a really long time to do so… A really looooonnnnggggg time.


This is exactly how I approach the game after the update that levels our opponents to match ours. I don’t level anything up. I keep all my hybrids around level 10 or 20. And all my Indos are lvl 10 or less

I am sure your grandson will finish the job…if there’s WLAN on Mars where he is going to live.


Yeah that’s the main reason I try not to get TOO annoyed about always getting Velociraptor s-DNA…a time will eventually come when I will be able to use all of it to great effect. Just not anytime soon. But with it being always on boss battles and daily missions, etc. I sure would prefer OTHER types in the modded PvPs.


I would prefer getting SDNA of ANY kind in modded PvP. It’s more like 1 or 2 out of every 10 battles than the 4 or 5 the percentages suggest.

I love the superhybrids, though I don’t foresee leveling my Indos above 10 any time soon. Or ever.


Oh well yeah obviously I’d agree that the prize wheel should be giving sDNA more often across the board. Just seems when I DO get it, half the time it’s Velociraptor…which is the one I least need to get from it.

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What if you were able to trade in a Level 40 of whatever creature whose S-DNA you need? Trade in a LV 40 Raptor for so much S-DNA?

There would be issues with this feature and I’m not sure why it keeps popping up in my head, but just thought I might suggest it and see what anyone else thinks.

I would just be happy to have s-DNA trades included in the trade harbor in any fashion. Coins or food even for just 5 or 10 s-DNA of different types would at least allow us to get some small amount of the ones that aren’t possible to get on a daily basis otherwise.


This ship has sailed a long time ago, but so that I can say I said my peace:

S-DNA was not an improvement to the game. We now have what, ten or twelve different currencies? Coins, food, DNA, dinobucks, loyalty points, Velociraptor S-DNA, Monolophosaurus S-DNA, Kaprosuchus S-DNA (the most elusive of them all, it seems!), Eucephalophus S-DNA… it’s too much. I’ve never been a fan of any of the hybrids; I started this game to collect dinosaurs, not a made-up mash of two dinosaurs, much less a mash-up of three different dinosaurs.

But, it’s Ludia’s game, and it’s their rules. Anyone with any education in economics and currency exchange knows it’s an excellent way to make money (if you know what you’re doing), and freemium games know exactly what they are doing with microtransactions and so forth.

Long story short: S-DNA in general hasn’t made the game more enjoyable for this smuggler, and I prefer simpler and fewer things.


@HanSoloWannaBe I agree 100%, I am a simple G.

I enjoy the hybrids, but think everyone would be much happier if @Mary_Jo’s idea was implemented.

It would be interesting if they had some sort of exchange available for SDNA, perhaps something similar to the trade harbor, or even in the trade harbor custom trades section.

If you want to have level 40 creatures but you afraid the ruin of their line-up, you can do what I do , evolve them until level 31 . With this way you get their final appearance and you decrease notably their power .


Insightful. Unfortunately, my OCD is bothered by the little arrow/flag that floats over the paddock (I’m also bothered by the “fuse” flag that flies over paddocks, too. Wish I could turn them off. I do like the “ready to evolve” flags, because I have so many creatures ready to evolve I can’t keep up with them all! In short, I guess I’d like to see the ability to turn specific flags on or off.


I would like to have three additional filter in the inventory.

  • ready to feed
  • ready to evolve
  • ready to fuse

This would be especially useful for aquatics and cenezoics who don’t have those flags.


Absolutely agree with both of you, @Tommi and @HanSoloWannaBe