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How do I collect S-DNA fast?

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-Do all of your daily events, they give you nice amounts.
-In tournaments try ending in dominator to get sdna.
-In boss battles complete all of the daily objectives.
-Once a week there is a tournament for sDNA card pack.

And finally the most important one, do a LOT of modded PvP, do it by buying the cheapest mods with coins, and try doing 5-10 daily battles, if it is too expensive for you, try doing one or two and increase your coin production.

Also if you are VIP you can produce a limited amount of sDNA per day, I’m not VIP and just by doing all of this I have between 5 and 10 s-hybrids just by playing modded PvP and doing daily events.

Hope it helps and good luck!!


Alright, thanks!


Your welcome, let’s see if someone have other tips, and hope it helped! Good luck!!

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