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S.S.Arcadia Arena no Different than Jarassic Ruins or Lockwood


Yes, Low level arena 3, S.S. Arcadia is no different than the upper arenas with fighting the same dino’s over and over. I’ve been playing strictly a team of only level 10 dino’s on my 2nd account.

In this predictable order I always face at least two of the following:
Sinoceratops, Einiasuchus, Maragia, T-Rex, Velociraptor, Postimetrodon. Carnotaurus, Tryceratops Gen 2.

I actually manage to beat some of these teams of dinos 1 to 5 levels higher than me. Of the now 31 level 10 dino’s I have to choose from, I found, just like the higher arenas, which ones work the best. So I face higher level teams than me all the time because I’m using the very best of the rare and commons that I haven’t leveled higher for the epic and legendary dino’s I have.

If anything, at least I’m fighting different dinos than I face in the Ruins or Lockwood as I float back and forth. I could be up there with my 2nd account as I have 2, 21 Uniques, 8 level 20’s,2 19’s and others coming up.


That arena is painfull it’s just another in between hard and easy arena,when i’m there i got stuck for 2 months

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This is going to be a long term problem now I think. Unlike over the last year where players old and new played a variety, everyone now just plays the best of the best and it means that it will be same old dinosaurs all the time.