Saarvin Bot legendary bow

Multiple times now Saarvin Bots with the legendary bow that is supposed to only hit all foes in 1 zone on special ability proc… but instead has hit all enemies. 3 of my heroes were in 3 different zones stacked up all behind each other in a column and the level 17 Saarvin Bot with legendary bow was able to hit all 3.

It almost made me think that at its max upgrade ability it hit all enemies in all zones and I had to ask Guildmates for screenshots of its ability descriptions to confirm that it in fact does not function that way and the Bot was bugged.

The epic bow is one zone, but the legendary is all zones at max effect.

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That’s a screenshot of the level 15 effect (the third one). The level 16 effect is a 50% chance to hit all targets in 3 zones.

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Oof alright thank you. For some reason I thought that max ability for legendaries was 15. My mistake.