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Saarvin daily bug

Need 3500 damage in battle. I’ve done over 30 battles and saarvin hasn’t been picked once. Only have 6 unlocked

yes, we know, or i should say, THEY know. It’s been about 4 weeks with no fix either but they think putting a christmas theme background is more important than fixing the game.

Thanks. Thought it was just me since he was going to battle every now and then before this daily. I need that gold lol. Only been playing maybe a week now.

This is the first I have heard of Saarvin not being picked and I have not experienced it myself. I haven’t noticed any one hero being picked any less or more than any other and I usually do at least 30-40 battles a day. Sometimes you might get a streak where one isn’t picked 4 or 5 times but then later you get them picked the same amount of times. @sigma could you point to any other post talking about Saarvin, or any other hero not being picked consistently? I’d like to read the thread and see if there is something I missed or need to know.

As they have been only playing for a week I think it’s important to point out that they neeed to make sure that he is selected in the roster

From memory in the early days there is a spare slot


SOrry i mean the other way around - up ur have an extra character relative to slots - hence have to kick someone if you want archer

Touch archer icon in images at bottom of roster tab, drag and drop onto character that you want to replace in top windows


About a week ago, I had a Saarvin daily quest, and never got him selected in battle either. I chalked it up to extremely bad luck. But if someone else had the same thing happen, maybe there’s a very strange bug?

Idk, might still be extremely bad luck. Impossible to say.

@Turbotarry this was pvp, doesn’t matter what 4 you have selected for normal party, but I did add him to party just to see. No dice. I did at least 40 battles before the end of daily and he still never got picked. He has before at random when daily isn’t active.

No. There is a separate tab to the right of the “party” tab just above the portraits of your heroes. Tap on the “roster” tab then make sure that the ranger is in one of the x slots available to you.

@DrizzleDoUrden why would I need to check that? That just shows what heroes are unlocked. Clearly I have him unlocked since I’ve stated several times I’ve already used him :man_shrugging:t6:

The number of roster slots is determined by renown level. Notice the 2 I don’t have selected for my roster. You drag and drop roster just like party.

I said roster not party

You are confusing party with roster - the 4 you select for party will be used in challenges and as you say this doesn’t effect PvP

However if you go to the roster tab, only the characters selected in the top roster windows can be chosen for PvP

Just because he is unlocked and u have used him in challenges (ie had him in a party) does not necessarily mean u can use him in PvP -
You must be seeing him in one of the top windows of the roster tab

Go to roster tab and just click and drag into a window just as you do when changing a party


I think between tyrs post and mine this should be cleared up :wink:

I see, I think. I saw roster but was unaware you could drag and drop. Thought pvp was random with all unlocked toons. But like I said, he was picked for pvp before, and I hated that because he was the lowest level. He is active in the roster as of now, I didn’t change anything, but I did go up a renown level since that daily. But since he was active in pvp before, then he must have been on the roster…Thanks for replies guys. I did learn something🙂