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Saarvin equipment

I’m aware this is something that might have been asked already, but how do you go about gearing Saarvin for PvP/PvE? I have some of my go-to gear setups, but i’m curious about you guys’ approach to it. And a side question, how does Saarvin’s legendary quiver actually work in PvP, can it hit the same character more than once, or it requires a unique target every bounce? It just happens so fast i haven’t namaged to catch what it does exactly.

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I don’t understand that quiver. It often only hits three of four players in pve. I don’t see a miss. I’ve never seen it hit a target more than once, which is working per the description. That looks most effective as a pve weapon where there are often 6 targets to hit.

I see many setups for Saarvin in game. I’m sure you will see them all if you have not already. After you become familiar with the effects you see of a weapon in game, you will know what they are carrying. The graphics of the different gear and weapons are distinctive also.