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Saarvin item

I have right now the epic glasses level 7 that gives me 60% chance to get a 35% crit increase and the level 11 rare gloves so same stats that give me 15% extra attack value and I can’t figure out which one I should use (I have yet to get the legendary)

Can anyone help me got some experience to share?

Personally I like the extra crit chance. I am not a great person to talk to about gear combos or strategy though. I rarely pay attention to how things work together and pick each piece for itself.

Number crunching for that slot it’s legendary > common > epic > rare. I personally use the epic over the rare.

I’m using the Legendary over the Epic even though not maxed so lowers overall stats. With the frequency of hitting a whole row with his weapon the fury is just brutal. Not sure about the math but seems more deadly.

I wouldn’t even think about which gear if I had access to the legendary one

Even though mine is only level 2, the Bracers of Archery are one of the legendary items I use in both PvP and Challenges.

Prior to obtaining the Legendary I equipped Saarvin with the Epic goggles.

Love the goggles - I have them level 7 too. If I had the legendary I’d still be tempted to use googles

Math is pretty easy (note, I’m making an assumption that crits double your damage. Possible crits function differently, but I doubt it). Common has 50% to add 50% damage, so over a large enough sample size you’ll net 25% additional damage. Epic is 60% chance for +35% chance to crit. Large enough sample size you get a +21% chance for a crit, thus +21% damage. Fury flat out doubles your damage so the lvl 1 legendary will net you +20% damage, the lvl 2 will net you +40%, etc. At lvl 2, the legendary blows the competition out of the water and is probably worth sacrificing the stats to use it.

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Maths, stats is my bag - not saying googles r better or worse stats wise just saying I love them and would find it hard to put them down

I find the dilemma with the googles is the effective proc rate. Even when there is a successful proc, it only boosts the percentage chance of a critical, it does not guarantee one. If the proc rate is 50% and the chance to score a critical is improved by 40%, this item will only provide a 20% increase in chance of a critical hit.
While the goggles fall short of the awesome fury unleashed by the legendary bracers, they seem to be a vast improvement over the rare gloves and common amulet.

Since you do not have legendary, go for stats with whatever offers the best. Math-wise, as others stated it is legendary lvl2> common > epic > rare. I have farmed the common up to lvl 13, since i only have the legendary lvl 1. They offer the same stats in that level and the proc rate of the common is better

Or just go with whichever you like the best as it’s just a game and why not use what you like - which for me is the goggles

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That is Jarlaxle’s pistol for me. Even if it is infrequent and only grazes monsters I love the feel of it being dangerous for them to approach. No math telling me the auto immune trinket is better would make we want to use that instead. Maybe if he gets high enough to make my PvP team that will change but not for now.


If you are looking to improve your goggles, they are the highest reward available in Heartcoil Deeps for the next 5 hours.

We all get different rewards at any one time don’t we?

Mine r level 7, haven’t been overly motivated to go beyond that

Ooops. You are correct. I had not thought about it, but we must have different rewards since we all don’t share the same heroes. (ie. I do not have Jar)

I don’t have jar either.

I’m still trying to get epic c cleric weapon - see my lack of progress made thread :wink:

Just rolled a double 2 on lightfinger. Sigh …

Funny I have the same reward at the heart oil right now but for 48 hour

Followed by a 2 and a 5.

I very rarely seem to get above 10 on lightfinger :frowning: