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Saarvin, Killing Machine

Turn one, Saarvin goes second after Halbenet moves forward.
Epic bow (lv16), with Legendary bracers for Fury (lv15)
Bow procs, Bracers proc, and the enemy line explodes in fireworks as Saarvin hits everyone at least 4 times each.

Wasn’t this a glitch with Saarvin before?


I have seen this on both sides. Even more hits actually, like 8 hits. Something way wrong. Happened to me several times in Silverhand trials. That’s a lot of gems…


This is reminiscent of the glitch which occurred when the legendary bow and bracers were first launched. I assume if it is a recurrence of the same issue they will sort it out with the forthcoming update.

Edit: I have tested this glitch now a number of times in both PvP and PvE. This does seem to be the same glitch that occurred last year.

@Ludia_Developers, I suggest correcting this issue either within or prior to the forthcoming major update. I suspect most players are in agreement the recurrence of this glitch has engendered a farcically unfavorable impact on play.

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Yep Saar’s Epic bow plus bracers are nuclear right now. If you and your opponent both have him it’s all about who got the Roll. Kinda fun :wink:


Another thing. This bug also makes the raise dead of epic bone from cleric useless. I attacked with the bone and it proc, but saarvin killed everybody and the warlock (who got the bonus) did not raise.

It also makes doppelgangers my new least favorite thing on Lightfinger, replacing cranium rats.


Calliope sh weapon is also a row attack on proc now at level 15 at least

I am suspecting this is the result of a rebalance of attack power and AC. My Saar is nuclear when there are no buffs, but once an AC buff is placed on a heroes, he does a lot less damage. I got dual procs on a Cali with AC buff and only did 800 damage a shot. This will of course take more investigation but I suggest monitoring buffs to see if there was a rebalance

It’s TOTALLY out of balance. Some code from axes got mixed in?
I just had four characters with block and ac boost one shot wiped by a char the same level as mine.

Yeah! I noticed that (once you pointed out). If I have time to get ac buffs on, it takes the sting out of it.
Still instant death if you have no time/wrong hero’s

Well it’s not an exploit because it’s coded into the game by the developer…and it’s also available for yourself as well as your enemy. I suggest for the time being you fight fire with fire, because Ludia isn’t going to simply “ban a weapon”. Or you can do the “noble” thing and continue to intentionally not use it.

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Knowingly using a borked item that’s functioning not as the developer intended is exploiting…

Farideh’s Rare helm at max abilities with -75% ATK has been able to overcome exploiters and its very satisfying to beat them and laugh even with them hitting multiple times without fury.

Lol you said borked.

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The legendary weapon used to do that if there more then 1 target on a row there a second attack on said row.

If you have only one target that bug will not occur.

That why for now if there a saarvin in my opponent team I hurry to spread my team on different row and try to get a taunt on someone alone on his row

I think they fixed the bow thing now. But you seriously need to have a as sense of humor about these things.
Thousands of people finding out a weapon is working MUCH better than normal because of a coding error are going to go check it out… :wink:


It may be funny to you to lose gems in an event from a bugged item that isn’t working as intended but I guarantee thousands of people won’t find it very amusing and I bet will ask for compensation… all this bug does is make PvP even more toxic as they laugh emote when their exploit goes off… nothing like an exploit for people to show their true colors.

It’s not an exploit to use the currently active game mechanics. Many people would have used that bow anyway and weren’t going to go, I know after the update because my bow has “improved” I shall take it out and mess up my set-up because I don’t want to be considered a cheater or an exploiter. Massive sour grapes there. As they say don’t hate the player hate the game.

Everyone in game has access to Saarvin and that bow, so until fixed everyone is at the mercy of the attack but can also use the attack to their advantage.


You said exactly what I did, but in different words - and obviously I still agree lol.

And also if Blazenkks didn’t notice - this “exploit” was fixed in less than 24 hours.

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I noticed a few people have pointed out the bow/bracers multiplier glitch has been corrected. Has this been confirmed? It has still been wiping out complete lines for and against me this morning.

I guess Ludia will have to formally confirm it, but from what I was doing yesterday vs. what I’m doing right now with Saarvin - it is 100% resolved. Saarvin is still a beast though and can do some severe damage even without that coding error.