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Saarvin level 12 bot

So as written in the title im wondering what are saarvin gear and stats for level 12 bot.

Mine is level 12 I got the legendary weapon too and when it proc im no where near the damage output of that not if I can mind control him he will most likely destroy his own team but if I even let him hit me once and his weapon proc my whole team is most likely dead.

So is it possible that something is wrong with that specific boy?

Yes there is something very wrong with his proc in PvP. He often wipes my whole team when they are full hp. He goes right through both tanks easily.

If you’re in the final arena, it’s meant to be hard, normally that guy pushes then destroys me lol

What do you mean “final arena”?

Arena 7 is the last arena, currently at least

Ah Arena 7 The Vault of Dragons. Yes it is meant to be hard but I dont think Saarvin is supposed to do 3k+ damage to multiple tanks in one attack. He is the only one killing all four heros in one attack when all their hp are full.

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If you keep your four chars in column damage delivered is insane. A single shot kills your whole team. It happens after its third turn, not before.

Yes we are constantly complaining about that bot. The damage done is wicked

OMG, so annoying. Everyone is full hp. Saarvin goes and wipes whole team. Is this issue being looked at?

I think his bow is procing when he uses Slayer’s Wrath so it becomes potentially 6 100% damage AOE zone hits.

Anyone have both those legendaries who can test it if works on bad guys?

Can’t be slayer wrath since it only hit one row

It is slayers wrath, and decimates a single row.

I finally just got his legandary now, but it doesn’t do the same thing for me when it procs. The bot one still goes nuts and did a second turn wipe on me a few days ago.

Seems to only work for bots, not players. (Unless you need atleast the level 2 legendary; since mine is only level 1, I can’t be sure.)

Has this been addressed? Saarvin bots are still stupidly overpowered and now that there’s a leaderboard I’d like to not lose rank because of a bug. I’m seeing player-controlled Saarvin bots with the legendary bow proc now; it looks NOTHING like bot Saarvin’s and does a far more reasonable amount of damage.