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Saarvin not getting Fury benefits with axes

If Saarvin has Fury, his common axes (lvl 15) still only do 4 attacks max with successful roll. Basically Fury is worthless here.

I thought it might be fortune only being broken as I have seen others have fortune errors with other heroes, but it is with or without Fortune

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Yep it was either a stealth nerf to fury with his axes to only give 1 additional attack even with the special ability. Or it’s a bug. Since there is no mention of this fury or ax change in patch notes I assume it’s a bug since any update we get new bugs… Fix it please

Axes are bugged. With fury and proc should be hitting 8 times but only hits 4

Saarvin’s hood
Saarvin’s axes
Pikel’s deathward
deathward in general
Nayeli in forestfall fens

All still buggy and broken. But I’m sure “the team is aware and is looking into it.”

When are you going to fix Saarvin?