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Saarvin’s bracers only proc twice with epic bow

I’ve don’t see an animation for it to proc with any other piece of gear. I don’t see two damage numbers with any other piece of gear. I don’t see any more damage than I would expect from one attack. This was happening before the update.

It doesn’t matter if the gear hits an area. It doesn’t hit the area twice. If the gear is a random or different random target, it only goes one round and never hits any target again, including the original.

Anybody know what’s going on?

Edit*. I’ve deleted game. Turned device on and off. Reinstalled game. No change.

@Baladir, having never used the Epic bow as a primary weapon I tested this out of curiosity. During sampling in Lightfinger Estates, everything seemed to proc. as expected with visuals to match. I confirmed the Legendary Bracers and the Epic Bow will proc independently and combined. Nothing seemed amiss.

Perhaps the bug you encountered is PvP specific or only occurs during certain Challenges or Events.

I have bracers at lvl2, but dont seem to encounter this. I’ve seen it proc often with epic bow, rare bow and common axes.
I wonder if there is an issue with your account? Id reach out to in-game support if you havent already.
Good luck!

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I did think of something else - If Saarvins first attack kills the monster, he won’t trigger a second attack. So if you’re testing this in low-level dungeons that could be why.

Ty all for your replies. I’ll see if I can do a screen recording and reach out to support after trying the weapons you mention.

Heh. This will take some time. I used the common axes on a boss, saw him hit 4 times. Played back the recording and there were 6.

Definitely only one though with Cold Glare, helm


Oh yeah - fury is only effective on the primary weapon. It does not cause the helm or backpack/quiver to attack twice.

Looking back I misunderstood your question. I was thinking in terms of different weapons, not different gear (different slots)


@LanMandragoran. Ty. That helps. I’m thinking also that for some reason my two Apple devices aren’t showing the graphics for some of the attacks. A video I took of the common axes showed two attacks that were very, very, close in time to two that I did see. They were almost like a stutter on the screen they were so close together. Only on the video though, not in real time.