Saarvin's Bows - Epic vs Legendary

the recent nerf to gear has made the legendary bow less useful than the epic, both now hit a row at 75% damage, but the epic bow has a 50% red dice while the “better” legendary on hits a red dice at 25%. please up it’s damage proc, or give it back hit all enemies.

At lvl 3 epic gets a bump from 25% to 50%. Lvl 2 legendary gets a dmg bump at lvl 2 to 125%.

yes, and I doubt I will ever get another legendary bow. so once the epic hits level 3 it’s better than the legendary? I’m pointing out the fact that they have the same power and the power is better on the epic weapon. it’s backwards

Yes that is how it’s designed. Epics are always better, at start, but the legendary will eventually get to top once you get them leveled up. Remember this is a slow progression item so take your time, I have quite a few legendary items sitting around while I use the epics