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Saarvins Common Hood Broken Again?

Anyone else find that Saarvins common hood is not firing any additional arrows after killing one opposing hero?

There’s always a chance of that since it chooses the targets before it fires.

I don’t think I asked my question clearly. Common hood always fires up to three arrows as long as there is a target within reach. I just tested in challenge mode and I don’t see any issues there. Three arrows fired regardless of whether one or more targets die.

Maybe there was a condition in effect on the opposing players hero in PvP that prevented them from being targeted. Or maybe all three arrows were fired on the one opposing hero to kill them and I didn’t notice.

To expand on what I was trying to say, the hood fires 3 random shots (and one targeted). The game determines the targets before any are fired. It can happen that all four shots target the same opponent. If there were two possible targets that will happen 12.5% of the time. If the targeted opponent dies before all 4 shots are fired, the other shots are wasted. It’s not super common, but it definitely happens.

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It happened to me that only fired 2 arrows with one living hero.

Thanks for the detailed explanation. I appreciate it.