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Saarvin's Legendary Bow

A question for developers. Is Saarvin’s legendary bow intended to be so powerful? In pvp mode, when I see Saarvin, it’s an automatic loss for me, even if I have a 2-3 level advantage on my opponent. As soon as Saarvin attacks, all of my characters at full health get covered in a green cloud and just die, all of them, instantly. It is frustrating, because otherwise this is a great game.

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His push back is also problematic - in fact I’d say more problematic

You can’t move your toons forward until you can move your taunt otherwise their 2 zone attackers get a free shot after your already damaged from the push Back. During which time they lob 3 zone grenades at you.

I have fairly decent 3 zone stuff myself but don’t want to shift to a team that takes zero skill and tactics to use.

What is even worse is push back with warlock hold - super lame, negative skill level required …

Nope, that bow is a monster. Pushback is nothing, and I feel easy saying that because Tommus has it too but no one complains. Plus at least two other characters have the potential for single character knockbacks.

Here’s the worse thing about that smoke bow. He has some other item that allows him to Haste himself so he get eight shots off with that special one/two hit kill shot in one turn.

I usually take him out first if I can with disarm, disintegrate, dominate, whatever possible. Still, it is ridiculously overpowered.