Saarvin's Mountaineer's Skirt double action

I am aware the skirt gives you an extra action at level 10.
However, I just witnessed an opponent’s Saarvin with this skirt, move backward, trigger the skirt’s extra action, move back up to his original position, trigger ANOTHER extra action and still got to attack.

And fyi, I examined his AC after the two triggers, it was well over 1000 AC so I was absolutely NOT mistaken that something else happened.

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I have seen this happen too. I had to wait while one opponent got to move about 20 times. It must a be a bug with the gear

Why hasn’t ANYONE fixed this yet? I am recording any one that uses this and exposing their name.
They are drawing the battle out until arena fire, getting over 21000 ac is not intended and everybody should know this is indeed a bug with the item causing it.

This ability seems to work as described. Unfortunately, it continues to multiply, and I do not think this was intended. I use this ability to its full extent whenever possible, as do many of my opponents.

There are still a few outstanding equipment bugs. The developer does not usually push an update solely to fix such independent concerns. However, I am under the understanding that the final substantive update is forthcoming. Perhaps some of these nagging issues will be resolved with the update.

Not sure why you record someone that is just playing the game. The issue is not with the player but the equipment. Why would anyone not want to use their equipment to the maximum extent possible? Fine to complain to the developers but stop whining about players just playing the game with the tools they were given.

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What’s the matter? Can’t win without cheats? You are actually for this?

This game is turning into a bad direction, pvp is at an all time worse.

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Always a hot topic regarding bugs vs exploits. People exploiting a bug should be warned against its usage and if they continue suffer the consequences. I do agree posting names like a Scarlett letter is not recommended for a different reason: all this is already logged. Why waste your time?

I’ve seen it happen. Wasn’t sure what was up. I say use every advantage you have. You can use it just as easily as they can. Sounds more like someone kicked your butt and your crying about how unfair it all was.

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I am unable to exploit this particular game mechanic. I just don’t think it is a cheat if the player is playing the game as it was designed. If it is a bug that needs to be fixed the developers should be working on that. But unless people are specifically told by Ludia that they can not use a feature I do not think we need to be reporting them as they are not really cheating in any way.

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