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Who else loves the smilodon

I like how he looks like a ferocious cat but is super small when you battle it.

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Compared to dinosaurs maybe, but it was one of the biggest kitties to ever exist.

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Dinosaur of the Day - Smilodon

Oh I know, he’s a big cat but I find it funny.

If I’m not mistaken it’s actually in the hyena family tree. Rather than lions or tigers.

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Well it says it’s more closely related to lions and cheetahs so I thought calling it cat was ok.

Wasn’t up set me and the wife had a debate about mountain lions and pumas and Jaguars being in the same family.

So we googled it. And if I remember correctly it is a cat family tree member but it’s on the hyena side… Hyenas are cat family members.

Sorry little kid from Jerry Maguire moment .

Lol did you know lol

What was all that? Did your post get flagged at first?

I don’t know why. I’m sorry though I will step out

That’s alright friend.

Smilodon is not good for arena battle, he have a low HP :thinking:

Just pump him with some boosts :wink: