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Sacorixixs Distraction not working on

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Bug Description: Hit Sacorixixs with 90 percent distraction, it’s critical increase attack did 1300 damage. Seen this before, can you fix issue.

Area is was found in: Arena Battles.

How do you reproduce the bug:
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How often does it happen: Always with Sacorixixs

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If the Sarco used Ferocious Impact and the buff was still active, then that’s why it did that much damage.


Buffs don’t get hit with distraction? Seems kinda strange

It’s the way the system works, someone else can explain it better, I just have seen it before, so I knew the answer.


It goes from the base damage. You distract it 90% but then it powers up with 50%. You’re left with 40% distraction instead of 90%.


Still doesn’t make sense. As its attack was only around 900. So even with buff only looking at 1350 total attack.
I had case in Tournament battle were it did 1900 damage with 100 percent distract and it used shield destroying attack plus 50 damage increase buff.

So distraction Zero effective on this Dino.

It’s not a critical increase attack. It’s Ferocious Impact. “Ferocious” obviously means it’s a 50% attack buff. “Impact” means it’s a 1.5x multiplier move.
Do the math.


Forgot to say in 2nd Tournament Battle same thing 50 percent distraction, it still did full 1.5 times damage (base plus 50 percent buff) around 1900.
So on Sacorixixs Dino distraction appears not to work at all.

It makes no sense the base damage to be reduced BEFORE any other multipliers are applied. Or, in this case, I suspect the multipliers are still applied to the full base damage, regardless of the fact it’s being reduced by 90%.
So if you have a 1000 dmg attack, it is reduced by 90% = 100 dmg. But then a damage increase is added based on the base damage, so 1000 dmg x 50% = 500 dmg. In the end, even if you distracted the creature, you still get hit by more than half of its damage - which is inconsistent with the distraction description (it says “Target damage is reduced 90% 1 turn” not “target base damage”).

What should happen is either the damage value reduced by 90% after all other damage multipliers are calculated (90 % of (1000 + 50% of 1000)) = 150 dmg


damage multipliers are applied to the reduced value (the distracted dmg) - 90% of 1000 = 100, then 50% increase for that 100 = 150 dmg again.

Whatever else is happening it is simply inconsistent. Why would you want a skill to reduce the damage of a creature by 90%, but still allow the creature to be hit by an untouched damage multiplier? Obviously, it’s even worse if the reduction is 50% and not 90%…

Also, it’s worth mentioning damage increase skills IGNORE armor too, when they shouldn’t. Probably based on the same flawed logic.

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That wasn’t it’s buffed damage. Ferocious Impact does 1.5 damage and 50% extra on top of that.


It’s still bugged, if they do the damage increase first, then distraction, it’s still doesn’t reduce the damage by 90%, they either need to change the description of distract or fix it so it works like it’s described

Sarcorixis lvl 26 Ferocious impact does 2925 damage to unarmored creatures.

For some reason they calculate distraction from base damage 100-90=10 and then buffs 10+50=60. This makes distractors like Procerathomimus less OP.

Yes, that’s basically how the damage buff-debuff interactions work. They stack additively on top of the base damage.
Multipliers (1x for strike, 1.5x for impact, 2x for rampage) multiplied with the attack stat form the “base damage” in each situation.

I agree that the move description could definitely be clearer. As for your idea for the amendment, I think “Target damage reduced by 90% base damage for 1 turn” would be better.
Although perhaps a better term than “base damage” can be used, since that term is often used to describe a creature’s attack stat.

There’s nothing wrong with this design choice for a mechanic (it works consistently for all matchups and interactions, and makes perfect sense once you’ve understood it), but they should probably have explained it better, otherwise it’s borderline misleading.

As for damage-increase skills ignoring armour, this should only happen when the move being used pierces armour. I have never observed otherwise, and if you have, I’m pretty that would be a new bug. Any more details?


There two “issues” here, in my opinion. However, I work in an online casino games QA lab, so let’s just assume my assessment of “misleading information” is a bit strict.
From design point of view, my creature distracted its opponent, but somehow distracted it less in some scenarios even though no RNG is involved in the interaction? I think most players would assume 90% of “what is going to hit me” would be reduced when using Instant Distraction, not “90% of part of what is going to hit me” in specific scenarios.
From player information point of view, it is crucial to make an informed decision and act according to what is going to happen when the outcome is not based on RNG. So if I knew my Procerathomimus was not going to survive, I was definitely going to use its attack move instead of wasting a turn on distraction. I would not expect that a large chunk of damage is considered “non-distractable” by the game, so to speak.

For the armor ignore I had screenshots before boosts 2.0 with my Allosino vs Sarcorixis, but now I don’t remember how much Allosino boosted health was (or how many boosts I used on him anyway to calculate it). I may be wrong, as this attack simply does tons of damage, even more so with the old boosts…

It’s not a bug, it literally has just increased the damage that the creature can do.


There’s nothing wrong in the description.
Damage reduced to 90% means the damage you are about to receive. It can be 2x, 1.5x or 1x. The 50% Buff is also calculated like that. Which means you will deal 3x(2x+1x), 2.25x(1.5x+.75x) and 1.5x(1x+.5x).

In Sarcorixis’s case (let’s say the damage it has is 1000). So it does 1500 damage, minus 90% means you will get 150 damage. With Ferocious it deal 900 damage (150+750).

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And it’s already an Impact, so it’s 2× with ferocity.

I had the same problem today. I used Debilitating Distraction on Sacorixis and it didn’t work at all!

Its actually more than 2x damage.

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It’s 1.5 + 0.5x1.5 = 2.25, not 1.5 + 0.5x1 = 2.0.