"Sacrifice" Concept

Sacrificial Heal:
Team (except you): Heal 1.5x for 4+ turns
You: DoT 20% for 4+ turns

So its a sacrifice (DoT) to heal your team over time (RoT [regen. Over Time])

It should be 10% dot for self and 20% for team.

The problem I see is that this is completely useless in arena.

but heals are based on attack now
so %age doesnt work for heals anymore

Oh yeah so then 0.5x.

it would be a normal heal in arena
but a sacrifice heal in raids

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Make sure to add that then

but then it wouldnt be worth it anymore
you are literally losing health

That’s the point, many moves are primarily for raids. This creature would have to have other better moves to compensate.

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Ok then only do it for 2 turns.
4 turns is way too much.

I know, but at least most moves that you primarily use in raids can be used in arena, but it’s not a powerful. This would be unusable, however now that Dinoboy stated it’s a normal heal in arena, it should be fine

Ok then that works.

But it should Still be only 2 turns

what part of Regen “Over Time” dont u get?
plus it could be 2 turns for minor, 3 turns for normal, and 4+ turns for greater

1.5x for 4 turns is way too much, it would be OP. 2 turns is enough.

Oh hey I remember you now! We had the hybrid battle a while back

Yup that’s me. Dinoboy was the judge too.

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oh yeah!
I remember that


Have y’all seen what’s coming to the jwa toolbox?

Battle simulator? Looking forward to it.

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