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Sad this day had to come, but deleting my app today

I was here since Day 1 and I have been a loyal player, never missing a day of play(even on our family trip to the Philippines). I worked hard and got my dinos to a respectable level where I won more often than not. My thoro had a minimum attack of well over 2K and its speed was over 131, my dracoceratops had an over 3K swap in, and on and on. Then came the apocalypse that was the boost update and nuking of all my dinos. That asteroid impact nearly wiped out my dinos, but although I stopped playing, I hoped that enough people would complain that Ludia might fix it… but alas, that was a pipe dream that would never come… so, as the ash settled on the remains of my team, I now know how depressing and tragic the extinction if the dinosaurs must have been. Now, I am pressing delete and letting the sun set on the sad carcasses of my once formidible dinos. RIP