Saddest JWA moment until now


Imagine you have two DNA tries for Indo Rex and then you get 10 twice. :sob::sob::sob:


I know how you felt, I’ve got 10 DNA for Stegodeus 5 times in row :slightly_frowning_face:


Would be sad if you were on 170 and not 0


Try 10 4 times that is what happened to me


Very sad. It kills me to give up precious T-Rex DNA.


Used 19 fuse attempts to get the 200 dna for indominus


I get 10 all the time. 20 is good and 30 is outstanding for me. It is on all the dinos I try to get fused. I can count on one hand how many times I’ve hit over 30 and that’s with having 5 legends unlocked. I figured everyone pretty much gets 10 or maybe I’m just that unlucky :persevere::confused:


10 every time on indo raptor… not that its fixed or anything :frog::coffee:


Dat 2000(+2500) Velo-DNA tho :scream:




from a while ago, but…


Dang that 90 is worth its weight in gold for sure. What’s the highest possible fuse DNA one can get during a single fuse?

  1. I’ve only gotten it once.


@Tyler for the win :disappointed_relieved:


I have no idea if there’s anything to this, but I never fuse if the dino I’m fusing or one of its base dinos is in my current lineup. I’ve run tests on my Stegoceratops and when it is in my lineup, I get mostly 10 dna per fuse. I then tested taking it out of my lineup and got the following fuses… 30/30/10/40/20/30/20/20/30/20/10/10/30/50/10/30/20/20. Then I put it back in my lineup and got mostly 10s again.

It could have been pure luck / bad luck though.



Dude… my heart just broke for you :broken_heart::sob:


I got 100 only once… on Indoraptor! That’s the reason he’s already on my team :heart_eyes: