Sadly, games which were supposed to be of "walk and gather" genre turned into major global warming accelerator

The title summarizes my thread.

Everybody is driving around with their cars to collect either dinos, or pokemon, or whatever.
Good idea (go out, walk, socialize) turned into this.



I’m guilty of driving around for this game. I mean, I would totally ride a bike if I know how.

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Yeah, already was a problem when PoGo was released. People are lazy and care more about convenience than the environment.

I’ll teach you how to ride a bike, you teach me how to drive a car :smiley:


I often wonder what are the real stats behind it. I really think there has been a significant increase in usage of fossil fuels since these games have appeared.

I am really not digging the concept of increasing the burden for the environment only to collect virtual things.

A typical winter day here. Yep I won’t be walking that’s for sure and not a lot of driving either. Candy Crush in the winter :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Yeah, would be interesting if it was significant. It is there for sure. When I was playing PoGo I dared to confront some players with this, reaction were…not so nice ^^

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wow. Is that north of the wall? :smiley:


Me too

I mean, we are not judging. We are just better than them :smiley:

I hate driving especially if it means sitting in traffic, you are not really missing out much :rofl:

I’m actually an avid walker, walking up to 20km a day isn’t a problem for me but for this game I just don’t find it as rewarding to walk because even though they’ve increased the spawns since beta, the rate is still low. I always walk when it’s Pogo but it’s a different game with a different spawn mechanic.

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Of course. Because meme with Gene Wilder in funny suit always beats science data.


Just northern Michigan. 4x4 is your best friend in the winter.

True that. New spawns appear slower and they are more scarce. Maybe they are sponsored by oil industry O.o

I sometimes walk for this game, when I really feel like walking. I am mostly with my bicycle

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yes, because gene wilder was the main point. not the main person behind global warming complaining how it’s going to cause sea levels to rise, then buying a house 10 feet from the ocean. :roll_eyes:

Wouldn’t say he is the main guy behind global warming.

It is more of a scientific consensus meaning most of the scientists agree that this is happening

Ok,ok, you are excused. :smiley:

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Ok fellas. We’re not getting into a political or science debate here. Agree to disagree.

Back on topic, the issue is the spawn system. Dino’s are hundreds of meters away from one another. They need to be closer to get people to walk. Pokemon GO had clusters of guys, so you never had to worry about going long distances for one thing. You get as you go, not you go to get.


I would also like to speak out for those of us in smaller communities. In my neighborhood I might see 4 - 5 dinos total. And I live in 3 so they are usually cbad commons. The next neighborhood is 2 miles away and I would have to walk down a major street to get there. So car rides make more sense for me.

We do have a river and “riverwalk” of sorts that I’ll drive to and walk. But dinos stress so few and far between even that isn’t worth it…

Why not simply go by bike then? I mean it is not like they were miles away.

Lol, “global warming doesn’t exist”. Enough internet for today.

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I am in a small community, too.
Island of Rab, Croatia.
And my distances are quite similar.

Also, I am not sure if all dinosaurs in vicinity are actually visible.
They often appear to me as I walk.