Sadly, games which were supposed to be of "walk and gather" genre turned into major global warming accelerator

$10 million beach front house :joy:

but yes, for owen to constantly say to not play and drive, but then have migration happen every 3 months seems very inconsistent. we literally have to hunt the same dinos day after day. if migration was at least weekly we could play and have a chance at all of the dinos without having to drive to different zones to get needed DNA.

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So, we all agree.

Ludia, you have to change spawn mechanics in order not to contribute to global warming

There’s no way I’m walking the streets at night to hunt. Not even with a gun. I’ll keep driving to make sure my gf and i stay safe.


I usually play at one park, two blocks by one block. I go a block or two over to grab some SD but usually just hang at the park. I’m one of the ‘creepy old guys’ you see just hanging out. With VIP I can grab stuff that is pretty far away.

I find it harder to play when I drive. I see something, have to pull over or into a neighborhood to get close to it, park, catch it then get back on my route.

PoGO I played at Red Bank and just walked around or lured up one of the 4-stops places.

I can’t remember if I know how to ride a bike or not.

Ludia, you (should) change spawn mechanics in order to make the game more efficient to play.

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I don’t drive. I walk or cycle to get my dinosaurs.

The exercise snobs should remember that PoGo was designed for an upscale, highly walkable urban paradise. Kind of like San Francisco, not coincidentally the HQ of Niantic.

Out in the real world, people can get robbed and murdered for just walking around. Especially if they’re staring at their phone and not paying attention.


But is it greater than the energy used to mine bitcoin and other crypto Currency?

this is like freaking out before you get on a plane, but driving to work everyday without a second thought. way more likely to die from other things besides playing JWA.

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I couldn’t agree with this more. I never “loved” PoGo because I was never a Pokemon person but I loved walking around thepark with my GF playing and seeing the park packed, people were happy and talking to strangers, it was fun. JWA is great too but the dinos are spread out and not in parks, Ive never bumped into a single person who was playing as well.


Same. I keep seeing PoGo players but no one else on JWA. I even make sure to have the volume up in case someone comes over to ask if I’m playing. Maybe one day.


I ran into one guy that stopped to dart a couple of months ago.

Pretty safe to walk at night where I live, I usually grab my wife or kid and sometimes a dog.

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If I recall correctly, at the beginning of PoGo one guy was murdered in a park in SFO while out with friends playing. Unfortunately that’s the world/ country we live in now.

Where do you live??? That right there is the picture of a perfect day! I hope real estate is cheap where you are because I’m moving.

Welp, I don’t know how to drive, so I can’t even contribute to the pollution xDDD

I walk all over the place to collect my dinosaurs – the only time a car is involved is when my mom drives around or if I take a bus… Now if I had a bike, then I would be able to go twice the distance that I currently do - I love to ride bikes, so I would love to invest in a bike if it means I have better chances to find the dinos that I want :blush:

Just to add a typical day in my place,
one to which I say farewell. Moving to Ireland -.-

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I encourage you to partake in the Post 1.4 Survey. There is a section that asks about spawn rates in the game. That is where you will want to voice your opinion.


Greatly increase game play incentives for playing in a big park. Can’t drive in parks so gets rid of driving to play problems. Now just spoofers/ joystick users still a problem…

Did it as soon as they posted it. Gave them 1 :smiley:

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I relate to this image. I’ll have to find the one I took where the highways were so snowed out and the pace of cars was so slow that people would get out of their cars to wipe off the windshield and get back in before the car behind them even got close. :slight_smile: