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I’ve been stuck in Aviary for quite some time. Recently, I’ve gotten close to moving up.

Now, Ludia will be breaking all my toys. Again. Yes, I get it, they have the right to do whatever they want.

Everytime I get somewhere close to something that feels like success the goalposts are moved away or totally changed in this case.

Do I really want to spend another six months building up a team that ultimately Ludia will stomp on? Idk.

Been there. Started playing and working towards the tyrants only for them to all change and my team to be irrelevant. And boosts ruined things too.

Will see how this pans out in 2.0 but if I don’t like it it’ll be 2.NO and it’ll be goodbye.

I think everyone is going to be in the same boat on this update except my 2nd account where I have 126 creatures at team level 20-21.

My 1st account is going to see some hurt again like when they really nerfed Einiasuchus and Stegoceratops that killed two of my decent team at the time. Now I’m going to have 3 more of my current team jacked. I have Utarinex to replace one but I have just about 10 million coins and lots of DNA to build up what I can once it is figured out what creatures are good.