Safe to Boost?

Other than Tryko and Ardentist, what dinos do you think are safely in the top 10 to be boosted before we get to know these things better?

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id say dio and orion.

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I’d not bet on Orion. Sure it’s great but… might end up nerfed next patch. The thing seems to be able to take down tanks and pretty much everything else, though it was boosted to the sky.

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tryko may also get changed. it’s a beast.

Yeah double slow and anti-dodge. I think it could have stayed at anti-dodge.

I dont mean safe from the next update. I mean safe to say it’s currently top 8. Who knows what future updates will bring.

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But I am not omniscient.

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I’m not boosting anything any time soon.


I’m liking both Tryko and Dio.
Dio is just smooth vs speedsters with 2 turn invincibility.
I’m still not boosting, but I got those two pegged on my radar so far.
EDIT: And Maxima.


My post is irrelevant regarding the Original Poster’s concern, but I think Ill put all my boosts on one “non-meta creature”, just to troll people. I know I said Ill go boost free, but I probably wont even fare well :joy:. Thinking between Titanoboa or Allo G2 or Chops

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allo g2 actually beats a lot of things now.

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Tenonto. Loses to maxima and Gemini but is very reliable at beating stuff like Tryko, dio, grypo, Erlidom, Thor, indoraptors, Spyx, not that all of these are gonna be meta but it’s matchup against Tryko is super important now. And assuming no crits, it can nearly take out a maxima. It can give Quetzorion a scary matchup and I still don’t know how nobody else has mentioned it yet


Nvm trykos op counter plus a resilient impact could spell death for tenonto. Or anything really. But you could catch it on a bad turn

Honestly? Nothing. Nothing is safe from Ludia’s shenanigans for long. Just remain unboosted and save yourself the frustration lol.

But for this update specifically, Thylacotator is very good.



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I couldn’t resist Indy.

I honestly just spammed all my attack and speed with three health boosts, didn’t even mean to put on my Indo g2s and thylas speed in it,

Does that say 10,000!:exploding_head:


No such thing as “Safe to Boost” but at the moment I consider these my “Invincibles” and I may start their boost journey sooner than any others:

Maxima, Diora, Tryko, Rixis and Thyla

The final 3 slots are currently occupied by:

Magna, Tarkus, Erlidom

Although a have at least another 10 that could also be contenders for the slots including Orion, Stegod, Utarinex, Rat, Smilo …

Its tough relearning everything but having spent a few hours I am now more optimistic!

Orion looks safe in notes but it got a bunch of secret nerfs. Null rampage has cooldown 2, crafty strike doesn’t dodge.