Said it once before and I'll say it again

Battle is trash… overleveled dinos stupid move sets absolutely terrible matchmaking… should be off level of dinos not level of player… that dont mean diddly squat… seeing the opponents use the SAME dinos as everyone else is apparently… gets old… this is not a game of skill… checking to see if you have been lucky enough to have been given a counter dino in your random ass team of 4(which should be changed to 2 teams of 4 that YOU the player get to set… those 2 teams, which never alter while joining a battle, would then rotate) that’s about the only skill… it’s not skill to swap out a dino right before it’s about to die… not skill to look at a picture and see if you have a faster dino… you literally push a button and hope for the best… no skill… sorry not sorry… the battle arena is trash and will continue to be trash until who knows whenever… ON A PLUS NOTE I may have discovered a sino nest by my work which is perfect for me… dont have to travel far for more sino

Stop talking absolute garbage. You shouldnt be able to pick two teams of four then you’d put a counter to everything in both teams the point is to be able to use all 8 of your dinos and develop them well enough to adapt to whatever you’re faced with… and it’s based on trophies not player level


To be fair i dont have to look at dinos to know if they are faster anymore. I have that memorized


There is a valid point to be made that battling’s current format is trash. Matchmaking is flawed, yes, but it goes much deeper than that. As it currently stands, you will always be struggling against tougher dinoasaurs and better players because as you move up in rank and strengthen your dinos, others are doing the same at a similar pace. I.e it might take you a month to get your stegodeus up a level but once yours is there, it stands to reason most other players will have matched you in one way or another. You’ll move up a little here and there but as a whole it’s compeltely stagnant. There’s very little incentive to keep going. Unless of course you put a lot of money into the game, which is the whole reason battling is in its current state.


Not everyone uses the same dinos on their team. I highly doubt you’ll see many people using some of the dinos that I have on my team. It seems to work for me though.


I change my team all the time and go off of my latest battle results. If I lose I go to recent opponents and swap dinos to ones I think will work better. This doesn’t mean I will go against the next opponent that has the same dinos as my other opponents but it seems to work for me.
Here is my current team -
(yes, I buy a bunch of incubators…don’t hate me lol I also play 12 to 14 hours a day while on my assistant security driver job)

Sick Ankylocodon. Love that little guy.

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I’m dying to ask, so hope you don’t mind…
Incubators… Is that how you level that Indo so high?
I’ve been playing non - stop since the end of May. I play every day. I’ve found a game my kids and I all enjoy. We go hunting at the park near our house pretty much every day. My phone is on all day at work, and I’ll hunt whenever I have the opportunity. And I’ve never not had a battle incubator going… I’m fighting Indos and other legendary dinos leveled 20-28. I’m working on mine all the time. I’ve spent money on leveling up opportunities as well.
I just cannot fathom being able to get my dinos up any farther or faster unless I invest more $$ than I possibly can.
Is that how these high levels players get there?
Seriously… It boggles my mind.
The times I’ve purchased incubators, I’ve ended up somewhat disappointed not getting what I thought I needed.
I’m rambling… :joy::sleeping:
But I’ve been pondering “How? How??” for a while.


So you want me to tell you all of my secrets? Just messing… My 23 year old son actually started the game but was unable to play while on his job due to security reasons. We are both former US Marines and do different kinds of security work. My job is me sitting as a passenger in a vehicle that delivers prescription drugs to different pharmacies up and down the California coast. I don’t know how much my son invested in the game but I have paid around $1000.00. I know many on here hate the pay to play players but I make plenty to live a decent life and pay Ludia. I also play 12+ hours / 7 days a week + hundreds of miles. My weekly route takes me from the most northern part of Ca. Down through SF and LA. I hope that helps answer your question


Without people that pay to play the game wouldn’t exist.


Lol. My middle son used to mock me as a P2P, until I paid for his VIP!! Lol
We drove 5 hours each way to drop off my daughter at college and some of the drive was in the evening. I did collect a good amount of raptor and even darted one Baryonyx. Didn’t see one T-Rex, sadly. (And I literally played all 5 hours each way!.. My kids think I need an intervention.)
I want to believe high level players are real and honest. It’s just difficult when I know how hard and how often I play, and I still haven’t unlocked the darn Indo!
Hey, if you have it to spend, more power to you. Glad you can. Wish I could. :wink: I would if I could!
Thanks for taking the time to respond. Much appreciated!

We are so misunderstood! I know people that drop 400 on an Xbox or whatever and always have to have the latest greatest as well as a fortune in games! That is cool with me!

I only play this game on my phone so why should it be any different! The games you buy basically don’t change that much and that gets you to buy more new ones!

This game gets updates that completely change things

So what is the difference

My friend has a ton of old games that just sit in a pile that he doesn’t even play anymore!

I am proud to be a P2P


I am also guilty for playing Xbox but I can’t play it while on the road so I play this game.
I do love how the supply drops, strike events and epic are all around my home.:heart_eyes: I also have a park two blocks from my house that have 4 park event spots. :yum:
(Okay I am done bragging… lol)

You know, I wanna hate you!

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Your team is like carbon copy of most 4k trophies or higher proving the point you claim it disproves lol

The title of this topic is kinda negative and bums me out every time I open the JWA forum. Nobody respond any further so I doesn’t show up at the top of the feed and disappears into internet oblivion (AKA page 2). Thanks in advance :pray:t4:

Yeah, because everyone uses Koolasuchus Gen 2 and Velociraptor in Jurassic Ruins. Sure. It took me all the way to 5k trophies, except that was before I brought Koolasuchus back on the team. And where’s my Indoraptor and Indominus Rex if I’m like everyone else?

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Koolasuchus seems the only individual choice the rest is meta spam. Loads of people using lvl 20 plus vrap as finisher

I rarely see a T-rex being used at that level too since everyone uses it for fusing. Same with Velociraptor. I’ve encountered ONE person in the last 100 matches or so that used a v-raptor.

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Every person I face has a vraptor… tregodistis(spelling off) paramoloc… monostego(not as much as the stegocero)… if I’m real lucky I’ll get to face all of them in one match… nothing but stun locks throughout the match…