Said it once before and I'll say it again

And eina cant forget about eina

though i had to read it a couple times, i gotta agree with OP here
i just got 3 of my 2000 plus hit point dinos shredded by a team of just raptors…in 5 hits.
all of them crit hits…

i’m coming to terms with the fact i’ll just never have a team that will get more than one or two wins into badlands. guess i will just be a jungle fighter forever.

You cant develop a team for crap if they give you all dinos that dont compliment each others strengths and weaknessess… it’s a trash way to battle… better yet… instead of 8… let me pick my 4 out of the 90 dinos i have… THAT would allow me to test my dinos instead of playing a game of chance in Hope’s I get which one I want to try but even if I did who’s to say the other 3 would be suitable for my opponent… again… battle arena is trash in it’s current form… dont like what I have to say about it then by all means… move along

Posts flagged here and there… man… free speech going out the window… bunch of cry babies… not all… but quite a few… to the cry babies that flag posts y’all need to grow up… have a discussion like an adult as Im sure most of you on here are. There is always going to be something someone says that you dont like… and you try to silence the ones you dont like… real cool guys… real cool

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Just kidding :joy::joy:

But know way to know if there are mostly adults!

It probably is a mix of kids and adults

Jeez I hope no one does flag it! You will think it was me :joy::joy:

Just to mess with @Rolybert

“You flagged this as inappropriate. Undo flag.”

:joy::joy: buttttttttt… I DID UNFLAG IT! :wink:

Woohoo I earned a new forum badge lol
(First flagged message badge)


I know why you did this! It’s because I cook myself like pasta :spaghetti: and you are jealous and wish you could cook yourself like pasta :spaghetti:

All has become clear now :joy:

The only person who’s a crybaby is you :joy::joy::joy::joy: you need to calm yourself


You call it crying I call it having an opinion… some of us aren’t smart enough to tell the difference

“Mike beat me it’s just not fair”= crying
“The battle arenas are trash… not a game of skill” = opinion

See the difference? Yea I didn’t expect you to…

Crying and having an opinion aren’t mutually exclusive concepts. You can state an opinion and sound like crybaby while doing so. Though… perhaps some of us aren’t smart enough to understand that.

There are so many things they could change or add to make battles a hell of a lot more fun than they are in it’s current state…

It’s not a First Amendment issue.

Do you expect a positive outcome to result from expressing your opinion?

Perhaps he simply expects a respectful reply? Is that too much to ask for?

I only responded in the same “respectful” manner in which he has displayed.

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One message above that and you’ll see when the discussion turned into a pi**ing contest. It’s one thing to generalize the crybaby thing and it’s a different thing to specify it. Stay on track and this sort of disrespect bs won’t happen. But what definitlely doesn’t help is feeding that bs.

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Try going a few more up to his crybaby rant about people flagging his post and tell me that is still on track. Perhaps if the op learned to voice his opinions in a less whiney and more constructive manner then they wouldn’t cause so many people to veer off topic.

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You’re right.

But other than a little extra drone coverage all the money you spend on the game really has no benefit.

I’d rather pay for one of the monthly services on Xbox or Playstation. You get more and pay less.

So you buy a VIP with this game and spend a bunch of money to level up your dinos. There’s no ending. No end game. It’s just a grinding game with battles with no real end game.

To each their own. But I’m not gonna waste money on a game that’s got as many problems as this one that aren’t exactly in a rush to be fixed it seems. And to spend money where there is no end game. No real benefit other than to grind and battle.

And once the servers get shut down and the game is no longer being updated… It may have provided some entertainment but that’s about it. Definetly not worth a $10 a month VIP with minimal benefits and to spend a ton more on coins and bills type of game.

It’s microtransaction hell.

At least I see ludia succeeded in taking protection from the people who it also took money from.
What’s the point if you only allowed to have positive opinion in the forum with negatives brushed off? Some of us definitely fell into playing the mama figure here. It is a game forum, i find it very obnoxious when it has to meet so much resistance to state your objection in a game you might have put your stake in. Ludia is in their pursuit of business so let’s hold our openness to some degree.

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And you keep using that word… his rant was that, a rant. It was up to you and Heather to unnecessarily label it as a cry and add the baby part just to make a bit more unnecessary damage. Be polite, I swear it’s not that hard and a lot more rewarding.