Said it once before and I'll say it again

This is the rant of which I speak and the first mention of crybaby. What Heather said was in direct response to this.

Yup, but again, one thing is to say crybabies while not being really specific, and a different think is to directly call someone a crybaby. I think there’s a difference there, but clearly it’s all the same to you. And again, there are more gentle ways to respond than being directly rude towards someone.

I went to visit my grandma last week and I brought her a basket of goodies unfortunately I ran in to rather large wolf along the way and he tried to eat me!

What the heck the thread is being derailed by an argument

I just thought I would share my story :joy::joy:


Geez, I see you going for your reply and I have to say, this is getting boring and clearly not going anywhere. Should we maybe put an end to it and carry on with the actual subject of the thread?

Is that a joke? Any rudeness that I responded with was in direct response to the rudeness he himself was displaying. And not once did I call him out directly as he did to others. If you want to police others about being respectful then at least do it in a fair and consistent manner.


Right. Carry on then.

It’s ok just blame me I can take it :joy::smiley:


Hey that was me! I was trying out my Halloween costume and the cookies smelled delicious. In no way was I trying to eat you, just the cookies.

FYI… :cookie:+:milk_glass:= a :blush::wolf:

What is your team Heather?

I have to agree with @Maxx on this one, at his level noone uses vrap anymore-my level 20 stopped being viable around 4000 trophies

Yeah true but that don’t mean the team isn’t straight copy and paste from any team in sorna