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Sakura Recruiting

Greetings, I’m recruiting new dedicated players to 6 different Alliances that are working together with Co-op Sanctuaries. We are creating one level 20. We have one Co-Op Sanctuary for common and rare only to serve low level players. We also have one exclusive DNA Co-op Sanctuary.

To be part of this you need to join Sakura Recruiting (alliance-boot-camp)
You can also add me as a friend SakuraRecruiting#1744 and I invite you to boot-camp.
In here you need to chat with me and we discussing the rules that we all have.
We do it like this because it takes so much energy to keep this sanctuaries running and new players put in basically crap in the sanctuaries and messing up the work that we are doing.
All 6 Alliances are great and we all are doing great in mission and tournements.
Are you a dedicated player and wants to collect DNA from level 20 sanctuary filled with mostly Epics and get nice weekly rewards. You are welcome to join Sakura Recruiting and I pass you on the suitable Alliance.
We have players between 500-6000 trophys but our best experience is players above 4000 trophys.
But then again, dedicated players that read English and are active in chat is enough for joining boot-camp
SakuraRex (I’m a 5300-5400 trophy player)

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Can I join, my user is el7891 and my pin is #9698

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Thanks, invitation sent. See you

I don’t see it,

Hello. I’m currently the co leader of Limitless and we were doing so well until the main leader started playing less and he has this philosophy where anyone should be able to join. I disagree and don’t want anyone to join who refuses to battle and get trophies.

My biggest irritation came from my team members not respecting my sanctuary rules. I wanted only one specific Dino in a sanctuary so that we could all feed, interact, play multiple times a day and get lots of DNA.

So with the combination of team members not respecting the rules and most of the team refusing to gain trophies, I’m done with Limitless.

Can I join? I want an active alliance. I play every day I’m consistently number one in the tournaments. My current trophy count is a little over 4000.

Search for Sakura Recruiting
You should find it in Alliance search

Look again now

I am looking for a new Alliance. I am a daily level 20 player at 5501 trophies with several level 30 dinos. I’m looking for a more organized group towards sancturies to maximize DNA yield.

Any suggestions?

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Search for Sakura Recruiting
Join there and I see to it that you get the briefing right away and getting you onboard on a really good Alliance and you will be an asset to us.

Let me know if you having trubble finding the alliance?

I know it may feel strange to apply to a boot-camp alliance first but I don’t want to expose our Alliance for several reasons. We will get people that will join directly and then we will mess up all the fantastic work we have put down. Hope you understand that. :slightly_smiling_face:
And we are just what you are looking for.