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Salamander 16 Help & Tips


I thought I’d create this thread as a place to leave advice or help for our fight against Salamander 16 this weekend.

I’ve accomplished about 30 of the mission/raid goals, and Salamander 16 is at level 14 for me.

In my experience, Salamander always opens with an attack of 2, so make your first dinosaur the lowest level dino you need to achieve your goal; no use wasting a high level dinosaur that’s going to be taken out on the first round.

After the first round, Salamander could make the second round 0, 1, or 2 attack points; it varies for me. Since my first dinosaur will always die anyway (it gets one attack point, while Salamander always gets 2 since it gets the opening Player 2 bonus), I always start round 2 with three points. I use two of those to block and one for reserve, so my second dinosaur always survives round 2.

After that, Salamander almost always attacks with 3 points. So I use 3 points to block and put the rest into reserve (this pattern lets me add one point to reserve with each round). It’s a bit slow and monotonous, but it lets me build my reserve up until I get to as many attack points as I want (for example, if I have a goal of getting four attacks with 7 points each, I’ll build up until I get to seven attack points).

I’ve found that if I repeat this pattern until I get to 8 points on an attack, if I use 5 to attack and 3 to block, I can start the process all over again until I finally get bored enough to let Salamander kill my dinosaur. I used one pterosaur in this process for almost thirty minutes and got through two levels of Salamander before I finally had had enough and quit. But I got my money’s worth out of the 5-dino-buck entry fee!

This is my experience; yours may vary.

What help can others give, or what help would others like?

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