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Sale on gems... and everyone is grey

I see there’s a flash sale on gems… but I’m literally sitting on 15k of gems waiting for my matches to come back. I’d totally buy more if the content was there and I think many others would too. Please bring our favorites back from the grey so I can spend my gems and then I’ll buy more from y’all, I promise! Lol :joy: :heart:


Totally agree with this, I bought gems, for nothing, because, all my matches are all grey, for more than 2 week now. Very disappointing. Can’t play! Update the grey ones, please! Give us AUSTINNNN


And if you’re gonna do a sale, make it a good one!!! Then maybe I’d consider buying, even in grey :joy:


It’s absolutely crazy to have fan favorites grey, have new people coming out with short disappointing interactions, and not really have a good sale honestly :confused:


May characters started going grey three weeks ago, or maybe four? I’ve lost track. Instead of releasing new characters, I’d prefer to have older characters back.

As for gems, I’m not buying because I’m afraid I won’t be able to spend them.