Salvatore Luciano - forever stuck in VIP

I really want to match with Luciano, he came up once in my normal stack but i couldn’t swipe because i’m not a VIP, and now he’s just constantly stuck under the see who likes me section and the timer just keeps resetting every time it gets to zero.

Support said this might not be a bug but i’m getting so tired of waiting, especially since all of my other matches are offline.

Has anyone else had the same issue?

I’m pretty sure it’s a bug because Salvatore has been out forever. He’s not even the most recently released match anymore. I had similar problems with Franz, Jay, and River. It was very hard to match with them. One thing that helped me match with Franz was unmatching with Sage.

It seems like only one person gets trapped in VIP purgatory, and when I unmatched Sage, I sacrificed her to the bug. The app then let me match with Franz next time he came around. Then Sage was trapped for like a week or so, but I wasn’t in a rush to get back to her story. I eventually got her back when I finally lucked into the minuscule window of availability between countdowns.

Anyway, it’s not the best fix, but if there’s an active character you aren’t super interested in, you could try unmatching them, and hopefully they’ll get bugged instead next time the countdown ends.

For me it’s the new character stuck in VIP.

Good luck!

Might be a bug because im matched with him and im not vip.