Same Country, different prices

As the title says, I have a buddy that lives a few hundred Klms away, everything is way more expensive for him… why?

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This has happened to me. Why is my fiewnds page in ontario. Cheaper than me in BC??? we are both VIP members. In Canada

Pretty sure the top is CAD and bottem is USD

Prices are not the same on iOS and Android.

Both are CDN, and both are Androids

That’s puzzling!

I would say by the cheap and sell the expensive for size.


my first thought were local taxes but thats the US isnt it so yeha no idea
down here they are just consistantly too expensive

Hey there, Potatobattery. I believe the price from the first screenshot is correct, as I see the same price in my game. :maple_leaf: :thinking:

The bottom screenshot may be displaying a different currency.

If you contact our support team at with your support key and that screenshot, our team can take a closer look at this.