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Same creature, higher level, speed desadvantage

Can someone explain me how Indominus Rex lvl 16 has speed advantage over Indominus Rex lvl 20 WITHOUT STATS ENHENSEMENT ?

I posted some time ago on the speed advantage between 2 same creatures of the same level.
I receive the answer that connexion speed give this advantage so i was always loser on that point.
Also that creature with higher speed has the advantage over the lower one.

Now i’m at a point where i’m facing lower level of the same creature and the other side still has an advantage ?

If this is only related to connexion speed this sounds rather unfair to me.
Maybe you could give me your thoughs about this ?

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Hey Yves_Leclercq, if you could reach out to our support team here at with more details, along with the date and time of when this happened in your battle, our team could take a closer look.

It’d be helpful if you could include your support key in the email as well. Thanks!

I have seen similar things, but believe the true problem is a visual glitch.

Sometimes, when you have a slow connection, certain visual clues do not show properly on your screen. For example: Yesterday, I was killed by a “Damage Over Time” pulse but my screen did not report that I had that Bleed afflicting me. My HP bar was not flashing and I did not have the words “Damage Over Time” show up.

I have also seen the “Boost Outline” around the opponent’s level indicator disappear in the middle of a fight. I believe that this is what you may have seen. The opponent’s dino actually WAS boosted, but you didn’t get to see that on your screen.

Just a guess/suggestion.


If the previous creature performed a deceleration strike (for 1 or more turns) you’ll still be slowed down even though you killed the creature performing it. You can see this because there’s still this red foggy stripe thing around your creature (same as when your creature gets distracted)

Indominus rex is immune.

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That could be a possibility but not with that dino.
Indominus Rex is immune to any negative output (deceleration, bleed, -50% dammage, …) :wink:
Also it has no self accelerating ability

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Well, funny you bring this up as I had the exact same thing earlier today. Sino performed a superiority strike and took my i-Rex speed as well! So it wasn’t just a bug on my phone then :thinking: @Ned

Hey Poezzzie, I’m not really sure what might have happened. However, Sinoceratops does have a higher base speed than i-Rex, so that means Sino would have been faster regardless.

If you think that your Indominus Rex is being affected by slowing effects, do not hesitate to contact our support team through the email address provided above, and our team can take a closer look. :slight_smile:


Today 23:40 Minneapolis time (vacation), first battle :
Me: Utasinoraptor lvl 19
Opponent : Utasinoraptor lvl 16
Priority : opponent
Dont know if opponent was boosted or not as it was not obvious to me.
But if there was no boost then it will be about time to get rid or the connexion speed to determine who has the speed advantage

In this case connection speed had nothing to do with who went first.

Without boosts your speed would be equal so your dinosaur level would then determine who goes first. Since your level 19 you would have gone first.

So either he had to have been boosted or you were hit with a slow down attack prior to the round.