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Same DC strategy for REL hybrid tournament

I just played 2 matches in the REL hybrid tourney Apparently some players have the same DC strategy. To bring it out as their 2nd dino.

Both matches went something like this - my 1st dino vs their 1st dino. After 1 or 2 hits each, they bring out DC. The DC may or may not kill my dino. But my next dino (or dino that survived) will surely kill DC within 2 hits.

Last match, my Utahsino vs his Paramoloch. I hit him once, he hits me once. I hit him again and he swaps to DC. DC does not kill my Utahsino. Utahsino stuns DC, and then finishes him off in the next move. I won the match.

Do these players think they can swap in like 3 times to get the 3 kills? Or are they desperate to get the very first kill in the match? They can see from my first dino that I should have a pretty strong team. My Utahsino is level 25 and boosted 6-6-5. So they should know their DC would not survive long against a strong team.

I may be wrong but to me DC is like a trump card which you should play at an actual strategic point. I would use it to get the 3rd kill and win the match. And that is what I actually did during the above-mentioned Utahsino/Paramoloch match.

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Can confirm this tactic in the tournament.

The whole game have become tactics around this rat-legend.

The tactic is

1 You
2 They
3 They swap to DC
4 Your dino dead, you bring a new dino
5 They regenerate.
6 They take their old dino with less health,
7 You give damage to their new dino.
8 They hope to be faster then what you just put on on the battle, they give damage.
9 They use DC Again.

Instead of using in the end, they won’t take the first lose.

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