Same deck of matches in loop

Friday I swiped on Nick Klaus after the app’s update, and have since then been trying to get him back in queue.
He became available today, but I’ve been getting the same exact set of matches.
Is this a glitch?


Yes it is I had some do that too and then they go off and then you be waiting for the returns of them :thinking::roll_eyes:

@Rose @Ned

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Hey alanavrod, if you’ve noticed that you are getting the exact same profiles from your match pool, please reach out to our team here at with your support key. Our team would be happy to take a look at your account.


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Yeah… a lot of us seems to have this problem. It’s not like the matches are exactly the same but Nick just isn’t getting back… I sorta already gave up on him… I’ll be more careful next time somone special comes around…


Same here!! I can’t find him again :frowning_face:

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Same thing is happening. I just saw someone post that Nick has a timer. So I guess we will not be matching with him at all

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I just matched with Nick.

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I’ve just matched with Nick Claus so dont give up hope!!:pray:

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I finally matched with him!!! :partying_face: