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Same Dino, higher level but slower?



In battle with Allosaurus, if battling another Allosaurus, the lower level one has been faster.

Have seen this so, so many times now.

Is it correct that with the same Dino, fielded at the same time, with no negative effects etc (I.e. come out against each other at the very start), the lower-level can be faster than the higher level?

I have noticed this about 3 times when both opponent and I have started with T-Rex too.

Is this a correct part of the game, or a glitch?

Will try to get photo next time…


Ive had it happen multiple times


I think this is a glitch, if your dino didn’t have any negative effect, fighting same dinos, the one with the higher level get first. See this post with all the explanation:

So I suggest you to make screens if this continues and then email Ludia with your support key so they can investigate on it.