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Same faces on the beach 👀

Hello! Does anyone plays on the beach other than kingdread and royce? I only play against these and 2 or 3 more … haha! Be careful guys I don’t want you to end up in a clinic … :slightly_smiling_face:


Same here. And of course they use over boosted rhinos, cera and what not. Sometimes I wonder if they would be able to be so competitive without any of those! :wink:


Yep, got my taste of them as well… This is probably the best joke Ludia ever made… “Let’s match guys in the 6000 against guys with 31K trophies” it will be fun they said.


I don’t blame any of the top players for playing the game. This is all on Ludia. Shores is ridiculous now and there are fewer people up there than ever. Most of them are either choosing to stay out or are getting pushed out, which shoves everyone below them down as well.


I actually do blame them because they were the ones who demanded Ludia do this if not they would quit and probably start some legal trouble.

Here is why it effects everyone. Because they can be matched with anyone in Shores they end up being matched with opponents that are.easy pickings who in 2.2 would be what helps those in 6.1k and 6.2k from sliding out of Shores and kicking everyone below them 100s of trophies down. Players like me wouldn’t mind some variety in opponents and also maybe not be treated as a source of trophies to Stoke their ego.

We asked for Ludia to solve the dropper issue and they made it 100 times worse by punishing players who refuse to intentionally drop and rewarding those who drop with fodder.

Ludia has to fix Arena for the good of the game not for the good of a very vocal minority whose actions are the cause of most of the anger and quitting in the game.

I know some are not to blame but many of the top players only want PvP and feel AI is beneath them even when they have 5x as much trophies as their opponents. Put in perspective if you flip the matchmaking for a Shores player, it would be a Shores player being matched with someone in SS Anne.


Just because their trophy score is 5 times as high doesn’t mean they are 5 times as strong. They just play a lot more often. They can be beaten, just as easy as the number 50 player.

What the problem is that everyone above 6k is in the same battle pool. But 6500 or 65000 trophies, it really makes no difference.


funny you should day that… i finally made it to the beach clawaing ascraping my useless butt there…first maych in the beach…royce bye bye beach now funny thing is he not so much beat me as i lost by being stupid :stuck_out_tongue:

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They are beatable but given how much better they are, maybe they shouldn’t be bullying others?

I mean Mike Tyson is beatable by a female MMA fighter but I doubt we should allow it for the off chance she wins.

What is happening now is like a heavyweight fighter being allowed to fight whoever is fight at that moment regardless of weight class, age or gender.


Yeah true :slight_smile: Maybe they are in some sort of race with each other to see who ends up first.

Given how they get there is by beating others and not each other is kinda wrong.

Tourneys for example requires you to beat others within your range to go up. So you will hit a point where you are getting about the same.wins and losses and that is where you stay. This was what we had up till 2.3. Now you dun need to beat a single top player to be number 1. You just need to play a lot and time your playing to avoid others who are on even terms with you.

I feel Ludia needs to understand why tourneys work and why arena is failing.


Let me say that there are many in the top 100 who just wanna grind for incs and boosts so they just beat what is in front of them. They are not to blame for the mess. The ones who need to shoulder the blame are those who messaged Ludia privately to demand PvP 24/7 regardless of fair or foul.

It’s not fun to keep losing and know there is nothing you can do about it. No boosts to add, no creatures to level and no tactics to learn. You just have to take the Ls and hope you can win 1 battle.


Never said they were unbeatable… I just said that they show up too often and as far as I am concerned. Sadly there’s a huge difference between somebody who made it to the beach, while not having a fully boosted level 30 team and somebody who not only does, but also can swap and adjust their teams as they see fit, as if they have access to unlimited boosts. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t mind a hard match, but seriously, this whole trophy pool horror where a bunch of top players can gather 5 times the amount of trophy a typical players is simply a huge joke…


So is that the player’s fault for dominating without remorse, or is it the game’s fault for not trying to limit what the most active player in the world can do?
I dunno :slight_smile:
Never encountered those people luckily, but you can’t be facing just 3 players ALL the time. I mean, there’s other opponents too, right?

Not blaming the players, but yes, blaming the way the game was changed… I’m guessing you were not around before? Back then, we were amazed by the fact that a top player could get 7K trophy… So basically, yes, back then, they had to face too many AI (though, mainly because they climbed the ladder way to fa$t… Basically, there must be a better way to fix that problem (And if nobody complaint about it, Ludia is not about to fix their mistake.)

I’ve been around, just never that high :slight_smile:

There’s a good chance Ludia will change the system again, they’ve done it many times before. It’s almost like a trial and error thing where they just can’t seem to get it right.

This is even more true when you look at the alliance they are with. Notice that one of the top two has an alliance that has a different person on top each month. You are fooling yourself if you think that is an accident. I am willing to bet the coordinate who is battling when so they rarely have to battle each other…


My only complaint when I wrote the post was that the current system of playing as much as you can if you want to win encourages gambling too much and this is dangerous for some guys… On the other hand, I think that a boost restart is necessary to give this a little life. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes everything is always Apex’s fault. I thought you quit arena


And yes most of us are not even playing arena other than doing daily requirements or testing new creatures. We are just as tired of this system as everyone else.


I think the arena is a problem for many, library, aviary etc … if a player invests more than me … that’s not his problem. in this case, Ludia is the problem :smirk:

i met a lot of great people in this game … for me it is no end of the world that i will never be the number 1