Same incubator dino every time

I’ve been getting this dino dna for months now . Every time I get a 8 hour incubator or do the daily challenge or even 24 hour incubators I get this and I’m really getting sick of it. I’m in Jurassic ruins and have been for a couple of weeks and yet still I get this . I’m sure there’s a reason but please for the love of jebus please ludia change it up a bit and give me something “anything” else .

I assume you are in the Sorna Marshes? Those of us stuck there are all sick to death of it.

No as I said in my rant I’m in Jurassic ruins and have been for a couple of weeks

Sorry. Missed that bit. Not sure why you are still getting it then.

im guessing its jurasic ruins on down who get stygi. since ive been in lockwood, i have not gotten any.


makes absolutely no sense

The Stygi is also guaranteed DNA in the 8 hr from Jurassic Ruins. I just opened mine or I would have screenshot it. I got Stgyi and 15 Anky in mine… thanks…
But maybe Tuamoloch will get buffed. Then you’ll really want that Stygi DNA.

I move arenas a fair bit for farming and always get Styg DNA in 8hr incubators regardless of the arena

I’ve gave up with the Parma thing it’s move set doesn’t fit in with how I like to battle. I could get it probably to 21 22 with all the stigi dna I’ve received but as I’ve gave up with it Every time I get stigi dna it’s just a massive slap in the face

Kinda my point I was in sorna for ages and all I got was stigi but assumed once I got to the ruins I’d get something better but after a couple of weeks I’m still getting it constantly

I’m five arenas above where the stigi dna is supposed to be the dna I receive in incubators and just as I’m writing this I’ve lost the will to keep winging about it cos nothing will change…I give up

How often can this topic come up again, there are hundrets of posts like yours. It’s suposed to be like that and it’s good it is like that. Stygi is besides Alanqa the only fusable ARENA ONLY Epic and you’ll need tons of DNA for Tuora. Since 1.3 they give you this additional DNA in 8h Incs, you don’t lose anything for it. Be Happy you get ADDITIONAL free DNA.

The Arena reward system works in a way, that you get more DNA out of Incs with everey tier and the additional different Dinos are added to the pool of DNA you can get. So you’ll still get DNA from the lowest tier arena reward in the highest arena.

Just inform yourself about something once before you complain.

Why should I be happy I’m getting the same unusable dna "for me anyway " every single time when it’s supposed to be an arena exclusive dino for an arena five lower than the one I’m in

And since I’ve been playing probably a lot longer than you how about if you’ve nothing constructive to add you mind you’re business and move on

Weird how most of you’re conversations here about stigi dna and telling people they should be happy with what they get

I’ve had plenty constructive to offer, you just don’t seem to like it. Because there is no other way of getting Stygi, it is free additional DNA and everybody will cry that they don’t have enough Stygi DNA once Tuora gets buffed again. Again, nothing is taken away from you by getting this DNA. You complain about getting a free granola bar when you are just not hungry atm.
And why should you asume anything about the time i’ve been playing this game for? What has it to do with anything? Do you just want to feel better because you are such a veteran? Me playing since global release won’t take away that veteran status from you. Just like this Stygi DNA isn’t taking anything away from you.

Yeah it’s my pet peeve. I just can’t understand why people would complain.

Just get over 5000 points, then you’ll get Alanqa too.

Do you complain about getting T-Rex DNA in higher Arena Incs?