Same level swap in


Best example, raptors. You have your raptor in, and you kill the enemy dinosaur, they swap in their raptor which is the same level. The problem here is that the attack prompt comes up immediately before you can even see the enemy’s level, so the enemy has the advantage because they know they can click first, whereas you’re left with thinking… Shoot, is that raptor higher level which means I need to swap mine out, or do I spam my finger to try to click pounce first even though I don’t even know if their raptor is a higher level or the same. Either way, it’s pretty much lose lose situation because the enemy knows what’s coming and will have the jump on you. There should be a second delay before the attack options pop up, so it’s an even playing field.


In my experience you can wait for their selection before you choose your attack/swap. The only problem is the countdown clock, because you don’t get extra time after they choose to do your move, so if they select with only 2 seconds left, you only have 2 seconds to push swap button and select your replacement.
That being said, I think it is a small advantage built into the game to help the player who just lost their dinosaur. It keeps the fights more interesting.
Just ask yourself - would I really care about winning if I never lost?
The thing that makes a game “good” as far as design is concerned is creating that perfect balance between challenge and reward. If the game is too easy (you win all the time) you will get bored. If the game is too hard (you lose all the time) you will give up. So, learn from your losses and move on. :blush:


You’re talking about something else. I’m saying when someone swaps in, you have 0 seconds to see their level before your attack selection comes up. If the enemy is the same level and same dino, then whoever clicks their attack first gets to go first. So the one swapping their dino in has the advantage of knowing that they have to click first because they know they are the same level. From my view, I don’t know if theirs is higher or the same level until it’s too late. If they were higher level, I’d swap my raptor. If they were same level I’d go for the “whoever clicks first option”. But since I dont know, it’s a lose lose situation.