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Same map but different?


So me and my girlfriend Got different spawns and supply drops? There was a t-rex at her phone but not on mine? Attaching photos.

that was her phone and mine is

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Before the update all drops were identical on my sons phone (android) and mine (iPhone) now they are in different locations and I’m missing the two special event drops that are outside our house but they’re still there on his phone. Could this be down to us using different OS? Surely not?!

Random curious question about supply drops

On one smartphone(Android) I cant see some eventsupply drops which I can see on my other smartphone(Android) with the same account, but on this smartphone there are not some normal supply drops which I can see on the other smartphone.
What can I do?


My finance and I both play. She’s on an iPhone, I’ve got android. Across the street from our house she shows a supply drop. It doesn’t come up on mine. Why is this?


My son and I have this same issue. But we are both on Androids. Hope someone comes around to answer your question.


Hey everyone, if your game is backed up onto a Facebook, Google Play store, or Game Center account, try clearing the cache on your device and see if that syncs up your map. If you’re using an Apple device, you’ll have to reinstall the game to clear the cache. Remember only to do this if your game is backed up because clearing the cache on a guest account could cause data loss.

If the issue persists, contact our support team with your support key and any screenshots you have here at

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I am wondering why for some people the event supply drops have been removed, while for others they are still accessible. I have heard and seen this on multiple accounts. I am talking about event point at the exact same location. Some people have one others don’t! Is this a bug or design?

A lot of Event Boxes disappeared

Anyone else play with friend or spouse and notice your maps and drops zones are different when being in the same area. Is this fixable our self or a big bug that’s seriously affecting the map

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2 of us at my work play this and Pokémon
Both our maps used to be in sync after the update we have different maps. Even the events appear at different locations. There used to be a drop outside for both of us. Now I can’t see the same drops.
Which is why I ask are there 2 or more maps for same locations.
I swear I’m no spoofer.


i was hunting a few dinos from home and my battery died. so i opened it on my old phone, on the same account and the map was totally different.


Ned, im not sure how to do any of this. Im not really willing to try such things if it can wipe my game.
Surely you can understand this isnt much of an option? Its not a game breaking bug, but certainly it is very strange if it is not intended to work this way. Is there really nothing else that can be done about this weird bug.


Hey Grenix, I understand that it might seem confusing, but this could be caused by your app not correctly syncing up and clearing the cache might fix that. There should be an option to clear the cache in the Settings menu depending on which device you’re using. If you’re worried about losing your account, make sure that your game is connected to a Facebook or Google Play store account and write down the support key for your game so our support team would be able to find your account in their system, in case anything happens.

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Seems like some of us are facing such same issue. My HTC Android have no AR supported and unable to see the special event supply box, while my other nexus 5x is AR supported and it is able to see the special event drop box on the map, and that was the closest to my home.

Tried method to clear application data for the HTC, redownloaded the contents and still can’t see the special event supply box. This was post 1.3 Update. I’ll post up screen shot later.

Good thing for the update 1.3 was most of the supply boxes are still intact with some additional more available, but downside my area lost 2 Special event supply boxes despite walked couple of blocks down the streets.


Since the version 3 update, when me and my wife are out running around playing this together, there are things popping up for each other that don’t pop up for both of us. Two Utahraptors popped up for her in front of our house that would not pop up for me even though I walked all over where it was standing and waited a bit. This happened a few times in different places. Either I get something she doesn’t or she gets something I don’t.

In the car, an epic popped up on my phone and did not on hers. I drove around the block but it still didn’t pop of for her.

Is anyone else having this same problem? Is this on purpose?


Same here man, what I do though or she does if that happens is close out the game on whoever’s phone its not showing on then reload and sometimes it will appear. Personally I hate when I’m trying to get closer to something for more dna and before I get close enough it disappears. Lost alot of Trex that way.


Back with an update, the nexus 5x suddenly downloaded some update and poof. I don’t get to screen shot the previous supply box. And it is confirmed, i’ve lost 3 supply event boxes after 1.3 update.So yeah, i’m missing all the special dino events aside from strike towers in my rural area neighborhood. This is kind of let down, that Ludia didn’t explain the algorithm change to relocate all special event supply boxes.


My fiance is on an iPhone 8. I’m on galaxy s9. She has a drop right across the street from our house. Closest one for me is about a quarter mile away…


Ah i found the courage to try what you suggested Clear cache did not “fix” the “bug?”
My wife finaly updated her JWA game. She still has the green supply depot among other things. Also has dinos spawning that i did not have on my map. And some weird glitch she had 2 supply depots right on top of one another and i could tap them both. Anyway thank you for the effort. Its not game breaking, i was just wondering if it is intended that people have diffrent maps.


So I play JW Alive on my Sony Xperia X Compact (Android phone) and I also have an *IPad that I play on as well. At frist they were the “same” but then after the update I realized that the drops and strike events were not the same at all, as well as the dinos that spawn (also some prices in market)

*Mostly to see how far I can get in the game from home, since my iPad mini 2 only runs on WiFi so I can only play JW Alive on it at home or at my sisters home 350 meters from my place.


This is the look from my :iphone: in first direction