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Same prize for between +2500 and - 4500? Are you serious?

So you literally consider the effort needed to be in 2500 is the same as someone who was able to get out of +3900 bottleneck or even 4100/4300 trying to reach 4500.
Who’s this happy idea?

Could you please reconsider it?
Is it worth fighting and fighting everyday with and avarege daily win/loss of ±200 trying to reach 4500 when someone without even effort will receive the bluish incubator like me stuck in the “marvelous” 4250 bottleneck?

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If I remember correctly, prior you needed 4500 just to win anything… they lowered it to 2500 to let more people win something…

so look at it this way:
If you don’t hit 4500, at least you still win something for being between 2500 and 4499…

Personally, I like the idea of letting more people win something… the struggle to get from 4200-4500 is real… I keep fluctuating between 3900-4300… can’t quite seem to get ahead…


For me, the struggle to get to 4k is real…I would get there then lose 4 battles all the way back to 3700…lol

Like explained above, people used to complain that the trophy level to win was too high earlier.

Anyone seriously playing this game for some time would be above 2.5K trophies. So think of this as a consolation prize for everyone!!

If you want to put different prizes in this range, the only option is to include a common/small incubator or add few extra coins. I am pretty sure people wouldn’t be happy with that/wouldn’t care unless the prize level was increased (which would require the prize level to be further increased at higher ranks).

I agree… While I am not as high as everyone here in trophies(I am at 3400 trophies), I can still understand the pain of trying to stay above 4000 trophies. This is why they should create three separate arenas, one for people over 4500, and one for people 2500-4500, and finally one from 0-2500. Therefore, it will be extremely fun to compete with people of your own level, instead of struggling to advance. For people from 2500-4500, people near that 4500 mark would get great rewards, such as hard cash, an epic incubator, and coins, while people at 2500, would just get the rare incubator. Therefore, there would be more of an incentive to actually battle In the arena.

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Agreed completely, managed to get to 4200, then all of a sudden dropped down to 3800 despite not changing much. I get that we should just strive to be better players but surely they could step the prizes a bit more. Tbh I’m losing the enthusiasm as the challenge rewards and bugs are getting frustrating.


I struggle to stay above 3000 especially during tournament weeks. I think rewarding people who are playing even if it;s 2500+ is a good thing, especially if we are forced to participate. Want the higher rewards then fight to get there. Isn’t that the point of the tournament?

The point of the thread is to be rewarded according to arena and rivals.

Of course +2500 deserve a prize, as well as +3000 +4000 and so on. But always linked to arena levels.

My team so far can only reach 4400 at most with a little bit of luck and good strategy. I know I don’t deserve +4500 prize because my actual rank varies between 4180-4350.

It was a pain the get rid of the - 4000 bottleneck and I understand +4000 and +2500 should have a different prize.

Sorry if my words are not really understood, my English is not as good as before…

Or just be happy you’re getting participation trophies. People wanted more rewards so they got them. Tournaments are meant to be competitive and reward high level players. Consider it a gift you get a reward for essentially just playing as you normally would.

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Participation trophy or compensation for not wanting to be in the tournament.

Few of us below 4k are happy with the tournaments.

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Players under 4.5k were not affected by the trophy reset so, in my opinion, it is fair that they get the same prize as those at 2.5k trophies.