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Same problem as before- Damage too high for the health pool

Evasion has helped a bit, but now there’s a bunch of high speed, high damage precise dinos, or nullifiers, then a switch to draco.
Swapping is still self destructive to anyone who doesn’t already have the advantage because they’ll swap to something that will one shot you (also draco can’t swap for 3 turns now and Im not sure if that’s a bug)

Most of my matches have become VERY one sided. either they can take out my team with 1-2 dinos while barely taking any damage (sometimes literally none) or I’ll do the same to them.

There’s a reason everyone is using thor, draco, maxima, erlidominus and indoraptors. Most of them are some of the fastest, highest damage and immune to negative effects that would counter them except for draco, which is just unavoidable damage used to insta kill anything injured and thor which does so much damage that it’ll even kill most damage reduction things easily. And if it doesn’t, it will have done so much damage to it that they’ll die in one hit to whatever is brought out next.

In the case of the erlidominus, you can’t even counter it in a lot of cases because they strike and run (even with armor it does SO MUCH DAMAGE) and will only come out again when it’s fighting something slower, where it will insta kill them.

Balance is seriously out at the moment.

Maybe getting rid of speed boosts would solve the problem. Before, speed boosts seemed to kind of work. Now they cost you HP. This results in Thors that get whack stats such as these in a photo posted by P8ntballar10

This kind of Thor can kill most speedsters, and the ones that have higher speed than that have to give up on HP and become easy targets for a Draco swap in. And since that Nitro Thor doesn’t use all of the attack, it goes to the Draco that doesn’t really need HP or speed since its main role is to swap in.
Now let’s think about the end results of boosts.
There will be a lot of low HP, high attack creatures, and these will be killable by Draco. The others with high speed high attack will be killable by Draco too. The ones with high HP, low attack, no speed will be killable by Thor anyway. And if you go all-balanced, it’s the same as the low HP no speed, and with an attack that does nothing. Only 2 critters win in all of this. Maybe 3 if people keep boosting Phorusaura. I shudder to imagine what hybrid that thing makes as an unique.


I use shields and invincibility against Erlidom pretty effectively, if I don’t already have an Erlidom up. He may one shot something, but the next hit he has isn’t… or shouldn’t be, a one shot unless you don’t belong at that level.

gets around that with the cloak ability, then strike and run. You can only actually kill them if you can get the damage off on them

Cloak works about…almost none of the time though.

What’s your current trophy count?

cloak has 75% chance. Current high is 4932 so I don’t encounter maxima that often. Currently all my matches are like… win 6 in a row or lose 6 in a row.

Right where I am, and experiencing the same lopsided matchmaking. I’m either crushing the competition, or being crushed. Nothing in between.

Cloak usually works for me, not my opponent. weird but totally acceptable.

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