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Same sex

What about having a male male relationship or lgbt relationship

I think since it’s pretty open to interpretation with your character, you’re able to have that m/m, f/f, etc relationship; even if you have to get more creative in your head while playing. But, agreed, it would be nice if the representation was more defined within the game.

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I chose the so called more manly looking profile for myself and so far I think there are two characters that have implied it actually might mean something. One of them is Jake/Charlie/Zayn who asked me to play Juliet and when I said “I’m not really a Juliet type” (or whatever the sentence was), then he said something like “Oh, don’t worry, we’re here to break rules.” And the other one was Albert/Jonathan who said his parents are open minded when I showed my concern how they’ll react.
And that’s all I’ve noticed about maybe being a same sex pairing. I kind of wish those differences were more clear in all the pairings and all conversations.

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