Same speed battle issues


Hi admins, I want to expose my disagree on battle arenas referenced to “Dino speed” , I don’t get why I always lose when both dinosaurs have the same speed , including match with “real players” (I don’y know if they are bots too or something). After 16 trys of win an equal speed match, I think I should write to you if this is a problem of my cell or my dinos, or my hero lvl, I don’t know, it just frustrating (overall against a velociraptor with my same lvl, example , lvl 16 velociraptor kill my lvl 16 velociraptor and after all my other 2 dinos if my tanks aren’t on party) that’s the only thing I know it’s some problematic, thanks for all the work done and I’ll keep playing this great game, regards :slight_smile:


When two dinos have the same speed and lvl, I’m pretty sure he rule is whoever picks their attack first goes first. That’s from what I’ve heard and my experiences. Try picking faster and see if it works! :wink:


If two dinosaurs have the same speed stat, then I believe that whichever dinosaur has the highest rarity goes first (i.e Blue will always go first against the rest of her squad, even if her level is lower). If both dinosaurs are the same rarity then highest level goes first. If both level and rarity match (pretty much only happens when you’re both using the same dinosaur) then whoever taps faster gets first turn.

So it should be something like this:
Speed stat > rarity > level > whoever taps faster

This may not make sense, sorry, I haven’t actually done research on this, this is just what I’ve been told :sweat_smile:


It’s just whoever taps faster if the speed is the same blue actually has a higher speed stat then her crew each raptor type has very different stats


As of the new update, blue is faster than Echo and Charlie, but she and Delta share the same speed stat. Before the update, I was in a match where the opponent used Blue and I used Delta. We were both the same level, and shared the same speed stat. I tapped significantly faster than the other player (about 5 seconds), however the opponent still went first because Blue is an epic, while Delta is a rare.


I see thank you for the information, it will be helpful for my next battles :slight_smile: I didn’t know the fact of rarity with the same speed.


And, I’ll try tap faster as you said, maybe it’s just that because I like to think my moves xD


Once u have fought enough in arena you will not only know your own moves but most of the meta relevant Dino’s meaning when this happens you are spamming pressing screen over the spot your desired move will pop out in so the selection is made instantly(even against bots who should theoretically be faster at selecting) meaning if you happen to see same Dino as yours pop out at same lvl it can be used to always strike first in that situation