Same spot and same time on different phones

My girlfriend and I were hunting yesterday. We were at the exact same spot and the same time.

She had the new epic deer and a rare Rex and I had 2 of the new rare turtle. You can also see in the top left I had a stegosaurus and she had iguanadon.

This isn’t about hers is better or mine is better, but why are the not the same?

Our supply drops also changed around our house but seem to be the same for the most part once we go out of the neighborhood. Sometimes I have an event drop and she will have a tower.

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Seen that a lot lately - particularly with the daily creatures which are now every-day creatures …


If I had to pick one IDK what I would pick… super duper close… lol

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Clear cache on both phones. maps should sync.

One phone likely using older map.

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I think hers is because. Mine changed from hers.