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Same Wording, Different Effects

The wording for the special ability for Shevarith’s epic lighting bolt weapon and Saarvin’s rare Ricochet axes is literally the same; “Repeat action up to 2 times on different random target” and both have a range listed of 2 zones.

However, Shevarith’s repeat attacks can reach zone 3 and Saarvin’s can’t.

It is actually the same abikity as Joppa’s common fishing pole too, but that only has a range of 1 zone, but can reach 3 zones on the repeats.

Seems like a bug to me and Saarvin’s should be able to reach zone 3. Has this been addressed before?

Hello Clancularius,

That does seem interesting. Our support team would be happy to take a look at this. Could you reach out to our team at along with your support key? It would help them with their investigation.