Sancs messed up

just to add one alliance member managed to place one in a shared sanc and fip ok they are on apple my android though trying to fip goes horribbly wrong :stuck_out_tongue: client error everything dissapears

Just Ludia being Ludia.
Sancs working completely fine last night, and wake up to them broken.



Same issue with one of the KRON ARK sanctuaries. Can not place a creature in an open spot. Can not use FIPs on any of the existing creatures in the sanctuary. After you receive the error message, sanctuary is still showing on the sanctuary page as a L20 with two open spots.

Beim schutzgebiet kann man nicht lernen spielen füttern.
Anklicken passiert nix .meldung serverantwort steht aus.

Mod edit:
Translated from German

You can’t learn to play feed at the sanctuary.
Nothing happens when clicked. Message server response is pending.

Unfortunately, our forums are currently only in English, we have gone ahead and translated your post using Google Translate. Please remember to include an English translation in the future.

Hey DPG members, just a quick update from our team.

The game is currently in maintenance again. We’re hoping to get the Sanctuary issues resolved and have the game back up ASAP.

Thank you for your patience, everyone!

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Back in the game, sancs still not working. . .

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The maintenance to fix the breakages from maintenance didn’t work as back into game and sanctuaries still not working

Our teams tried to place a dinosaur & use FIPs on the broken sanctuary & still did not have any success.

When the maintenance to fix bugs adds more bugs.

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At least they won’t have to add the category insects, it’s already full of bugs…

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Good one

This text will be blurred

Ever since the maintenance on wed may 18th i cant use the sanctuary it just saying conecting to the server and doesnt give dna

The following information was shared by a member of one of the KRON alliances when she tried to place a creature in a damaged L20 sanctuary.

Ned, Hope some of this information is helpful to your team

The sanctuary bug is still there……

@Ned as a level 20 sanctuary builder I should have 2 showing locally on the map.
I only have one showing, the other is empty.
If I try to access via a dino in it, nothing happens.
The ,missing sanctuary was built yesterday.
Its location hasn’t changed on the map.

Any word on this???
Its going to cost players daily dna, render the ‘free’ 6 hourly incubator pointless etc.

Got another sanctuary bug. I can do one FIP and i just get a server catch up message. This sems to last indefinitely unless i reboot the app. Then i can do one more and have to reboot. Rise and repeat.

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4 Dinos in the sanctuary outside my house.
Cannot get to the sanctuary from the dino in the collection.
Click the “Enter” button and nothing happens.
Says 1 day 8 hours until return.
Sanctuary appear empty.
Cannot add because I already have 4 dinos in sanctuary.

Cannot train, play or interact with them.
Cannot get daily rewards for doing do.
Collecting those does nothing because I’m already filled up.