Sanctuaries Ability to Remove Creature

For those strategizing sanctuaries, it would be great to have the ability to remove a rogue creature placement. Even if this ability was only available to alliance leaders.

OR, and much more plausible, a player could remove their placed creature for 0 reward. If there was a reward tied to it, people would be placing and removing creatures left and right and I’m sure Ludia doesn’t want that.

then if someone accumulated 100 dna of an exclusive, an alliance leader could just remove it and everyone would have wasted FIPs

Then what would be the point in the 2 day timer?

No thanks, only the dinos keeper should be able to do that . An alliance leader would have no idea how much grafting you or other players had sunk into it . It could be a lot to lose.

It would be the creature reward that they would not get upon it returning to them. The 15 DNA you get for rare, 5 for epic, etc. That’s what would be missed out on for removing a creature.

This is needed as more alliances work together to achieve level 20 sanctuaries, which require a lot of strategy. Many individuals whether new to an alliance and disobeying rules or just nomads who happen up on a sanctuary throw off the entire strategy when a random creature is placed.