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Sanctuaries above level 7 Poll

How many alliances can get a sanctuary above level 7 without any type of coordination? It seems like people just do their own things with them and because of that the entire alliance misses out on getting more from them. I wish that there was a way to limit the number of sanctuaries that could be shared with the alliance at any one time.

Whats the Highest level sanctuary your alliances regularly get too?

  • Levels 1-3
  • Levels 4-6
  • Levels 7-9
  • Levels 10+

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Our alliance keeps a sanctuary at level 7 without coordination. It’s sinoceratops but ppl will place whatever in it. even after being told how they work. It should be locked to that first dino that’s shared and nothing else can be placed until it’s expired.

Our alliance currently has 5 different sanctuaries shared each with a Sinoceratops in it, despite repeated notices about a Sino theme sanctuary. It’s ridiculous.
We’ve also had level 1 commons put into sanctuaries intended to be for Blue and irritator.

without order there will always be chaos. it starts from the top… get a system together and discipline your members…

If the game would only allow lets say 5 sanctuaries shared at a time that would help out a lot I would think.

I disagree, if it just shared the 5 most recent we’d be stuck with a few poxy level 3’s and nobody could pet my turtle

Give the person who starts the sanctuary, the ability to remove unwanted dinos, places by their alliance.


Our alliance can usually get to lv 7, but it always ends up disappearing quickly and not making a return. we will we a lot of 5-6 lv sancs at a time.

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In my experience with no/minimal co-ordination a single alliance can probably get a Sanctuary to 6-7; co-ordination within the alliance will get one to 10-11 but for that elusive 20 you need rigorous cross-alliance co-ordination with some pretty strict rules - its not for the faint hearted.

I may not always agree with the methods needed to maintain that co-ordination / discipline but I respect those with the will to manage it @Pateradactyl :fist_right::fist_left:

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Level 20 is achievable from a single alliance, but usually there is very little time left in the cycle when it gets there. Working with other alliances is obviously much better because it gives you more days at level 20.

I like this idea giving the owner ( 1st person to open the sanctuary ) control and can boot unwanted dinos , with a no dna giving to them, that would help keep these people that see a lvl 5 or higher sanctuary and put bunch of crap in it then they do nothing , it just messes up the whole thing

The problem is sanctuaries are a map feature not an alliance feature and therefore open to all - not saying that is right; just saying thats how it is.

Ive found carbo can do wonders for getting sanctuaries 7+ with no cordination.

:rofl: Turtle powered sanctuary! Very true - my alliance has a shared one and I run a secondary internal sanctuary that has the 5 new creatures in it (Carbo, Nasuto, Allo, Kel, Entel) - quite popular after people have FIPed the main.